Greasy Love Notes

Due to an exceptionally busy weekend and a particularly late night last night, I must apologize for my late post. My occasional attempts to rise before the sun to compose a blog post are futile.

That being said, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It seems I was hoping from one thing to another as soon as I go off work on Friday. Here’s some snippets of the past few days:

Doc Roc – A battle of Knoxville area Doctor bands – is an annual benefit put together by J’s mom that raises money for local health care charities.  J’s dad is a lead singer in one of the participating bands so it’s a pretty big deal for the family each year.


And here we have a pretty bad, albeit sweet, picture of J giving his mom some roses for helming this benefit for 8 years!

The next day we all packed up our respective canines for a hike to House Mountain. This is a hike I had never done before and it was definitely a work out! It didn’t faze Bella, of course, that dog is nothing but a ball of energy, but I definitely felt all that climbing the next day.


The Bella & J, the view, and the rest of the crew

Sunday I woke up a love note….


Written in bacon grease. Isn’t J a romantic?

I had a scheduled shift at my other job, then I came home and did a 10 mile run –  like a boss. The weather was absolutely perfect and what was originally supposed to be 8 or 9 miles due to a sore hip from the previous day’s hike, turned into a good, solid 10.  I tell you, the long runs can be so much better than the short ones sometimes.

Also my dog has no concept of personal space, and insists helping me stretch after my runs. She also enjoys licking my salty, sweaty face.  I’m usually too tired to care. Kisses all around! Bella Licks

Then my night ended with an Academy Awards party at my boss’s house. No pictures were taken because I was far too busy watching the sea of dresses, Seth McFarlane bring back some much needed humor into the ceremony  I mean seriously? “We Saw Your Boobs”?), and meticulously picking out potential winners on my Oscar ballet.

Recently Updated11

Amy Adams’s dress – sigh (photo found here), Seth Seth McFarlane (photos here), and J. Law taking a tumble. (photo here)

PS – I seriously think I love Jennifer Lawrence even more now due to her fall. Such a breath of fresh air to see someone in Hollywood not take themselves so seriously.

What were you guys up to this weekend? Thoughts on the Academy Awards? Or perhaps you were responsible and went to bed at a decent time… Either way, I hope your weekend was a good one and that this week is off to a wonderful start!

And for you Knoxville folks: Restaurant Week started yesterday, if you haven’t made your plans, hop to it! Christmas Restaurant Week only comes but once a year! (read about my fun week last year, here).

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