Cold Running, Good Food, & Dog Baths

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was pretty low-key, but happily so. I’m heading to Nashville this coming weekend for my next half marathon as well as to celebrate my sweet friend Natalie’s birthday and it was nice to spend the majority of my weekend relaxing, especially after my busy week.

As you may know, last week was Knoxville’s restaurant Week. One of my favorite weeks of the year! Sadly, due to the 2nd job and some other unexpected events that popped up, we were only able to make our way to a meager 2 restaurants – good for the wallet, bad for my tummy. Both were repeats of last year because, well, we’re creatures of habit and we know the food would be out of this world. And it was. Restaurant #1, Chez Liberty (read about previous meals here and here) For real all you Knoxvillians, go here. The food is always amazing, and the wine selection is out of this world.

Chez Food

Mixed greens and arugula with dried cherries honeyed Chevre with a red wine and shallot vinegar. Next was Cajun fried oysters on shells with Sriracha & lemon followed by my entree of seafood Alfredo topped with split lobster tail and J’s wild boar. Dessert was blackberry custard with candied orange peel, and a cheese plate

Restaurant #2, The Orangery. J and I don’t get to go here as often as we’d like because it is on the pricier side – but it’s always worth it. Delicious food and just the right amount of foo-foo to make you feel important.

Orangery Food2

Salmon tartar, followed by fresh Apalachicola oysters topped with caviar, Blue Crab Bisque and an entree of butternut squash and beet pappardelle with toasted walnuts, Gorgonzola, fried sage, brown butter and roasted radicchio. Desert was Madagascar vanilla creme brulee with pine nut biscotti,

Following the weeks gluttony, I made it a point to focus on my fitness. Randomly, I managed to get in a Saturday morning run – pretty uncharacteristic of me since I rarely run before my long Sunday run and because it was balls cold outside.

Saturday night’s hopping activities included giving these rascals a bath. Bruin in particular was smelling pretty ripe and since Bella is deathly afraid of water, we decided it was only fair to shampoo her up too. Dog Bath

Sunday I awoke to day 3 of snow flurries and frosty cars. I was scheduled at 2nd job so after taking care of that, and coming back home to a nice warm apartment, running was not at the top of my list. J was ready and eager to head out so I thoroughly bundled up (I’ve skied with less layers on…) and out the door we went. Of course, J in his beginning stages of training, wasn’t running as far as I so when he started heading back to the apartment I was tempted to go with him. But I stuck it out – for another nose dripping, feet numbing, cold as shit 6 miles. I don’t know who I think I am, but a cold weather runner I am not.


Black and Blue, current temperature, workout details (11.5 – not too shabby) and my post run protein shake and Brussels sprouts knee treatment. Very fancy and effective.

This girl is READY FOR SPRING.

Have a great day 🙂


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