Tap Takeover

I don’t know about you, but this week has been all kinds of wonky. Wednesday felt like Friday to me, and Thursday felt like Wednesday – you know, one of those weeks. Needless to say, I’m glad it’s over. I’ve got a pretty exciting weekend planned and am actually looking quite forward to the Tom King Classic Half Marathon Saturday morning.

Last night found me at a newish bar downtown called Sutree’s High Gravity Tavern.

Sutree’s is fun because it only serves high gravity beers and they change their taps out pretty frequently so there’s always something new and different to try there. When I found out that one of my most favorite breweries of all time, Southern Tier Brewing Company, was doing a ‘tap takeover’ there, I was really freakin’ excited (see my various odes to them, here and here).IMG_7678

STBC just recently began distributing in Tennessee so I figured it would be months, if not years, before I could get my hands on a bottle of the good stuff – the more obscure flavors such as Crème Bruelee, Krampus, and Pumking. Well apparently the beer Gods have been taking note of my woes because here they were: 16 gloriously wonderful flavors to sip and sample.


Such a beautiful sight

My only problem now was to not leave the place shitfaced. STBC’s beers are not for the faint of heart, most having an alcohol content upwards if not over 9% in comparison to the 4.2% of a Bud Light.

Not only did I have to work this morning, but I typically tend to cut out all alcohol the week before a race. It was obvious that this ritual needed to be overlooked for such a momentous occasion but I needed to proceed with caution and stay in between the place where the beer warms my cheeks and has me falling on my face.


Happily drinking a perfect Creme Brulee

This involved lots of water. Before, during, and after. Also, baby samples. Much to J’s chagrin, I was there for business only. No chug-a-lugging involved. I stuck to small “tasting” sizes and only did one flight – Dark. Just an FYI, Creme Brulee is like heaven in your mouth. Tap Takeover

I think I did alright. I’m on both feet today and my carb intake is looking pretty good. I figure if I PR on Saturday, this could be my new pre-race tradition. I’d happily do it again. (And again…and again…)

In an effort to increase engagement with my favorite people, you guys, I want to start asking questions. I think it’s safe to assume that the majority of you don’t even get to the bottom of the page to read this part and probably peruse the pretty pictures and are on your merry way, but for those who don’t, I ask – have you ever run a race hungover? Hell, have you ever run one still drunk? I can’t say that I have and I’m not exactly sure if I ever could. But sometimes things come up and a pre-race partay seems like a great idea at the time. So how did it feel? Was it as horrible as I imagine it would be or can you ‘run it off’ or something? I’m just a bit curious…

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a great and wonderful weekend!

8 thoughts on “Tap Takeover

  1. I will have to visit this place next time I’m in Knoxville! You turned me on to Pumpking and I am so sad that I can’t drink it all winter! Yes, I ran a half marathon last year a wee bit hungover. Our pasta dinner the night before included too much red wine 🙂 The race went really well and I PRd! Although, I try to watch myself now the night before a race. I do think one of the best cures for a hangover (for me anyway) if going for a nice, long run. Hope you have a great time in Nashville this weekend!!

  2. Creme Brûlée…are you f’ing kidding me, that sounds incredible…I would also like to try the Mokah ( i love the name after a Mokah Pot). I would never run a race hungover, it is painful as it is…I have run after a night of solid drinking but only 7 miles…I felt ok, not great, not bad. I have played basketball drunk once…terrible idea…which is why I know running a race would be 20 times worse. I always read to the bottom.

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  4. Oh my!! We have a little tavern right around the corner from our house and they have creme brûlée on tap quite often… I love it (almost as much as Pumpking) and love having a delicious little piece of “home” here in FL 🙂

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