Monday Blues

Bleh – another Monday. The current weather outside matches my distaste for today – grey and stormy. Thing is, following a great weekend, I find Monday’s to be even more atrocious. Ah, such is life…

I’m promise I’m not over-exaggerating when I say that 90% of the reason this weekend was so wonderful was because of the weather. I’ve been over this whole winter thing for a few weeks now – the flurries, the dark skies, the cold – and Saturday brought sun & 70 degree weather and My God it felt amazing.

J and I had plans to run Cade’s Cove if the weather was nice but unfortunately he’s been battling a little bit of a cold and wasn’t feeling up to it. I managed to convince him to go for a little hike around the area instead (fresh mountain does wonders for the sinuses, I said). He bought it, and we hoped in the convertible, put that baby’s top down, and headed to the mountains.

So I sat on the seat with the upper part of my body sticking out, a la Miss America, and took a bunches of pictures… Cades Cove 2Cades Cove 1Cades Cove 3Nature, isn’t she lovely?

We decided to do a relatively short 5 mile hike inside the cove called Abrams Falls where I took oodles of more pictures:

Abrams Falls 1Abrams Falls 2Abrams Falls 3Abrams Falls 4

Also of note – turns out if you ride in a convertible with the top down, your pale Swedish skin that hasn’t seen sun in what feels like years will burn. Wear SPF my friends!

Saturday night, this happened: Green Goblins

And Sunday I got up and ran 10.3 miles. LIKE A BOSS.

What did you guys do for St. Patty’s Day? Any races? Or perhaps it was a race to Sunday morning Kegs-n-eggs?

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