So you want to be a Runner?

I had big plans for today’s blog. HUGE, in fact. But it has so far involved two HUGE recipe fails and I don’t have the time to try it a third time. So hopefully Monday will greet you with a fantabulous new treat that will not require several hours and over 20 bucks to get right. Sigh…

In an effort to put together a post that is somewhat useful (there’s only so many Friday Favorite posts I can do before even I get sick of them…) I had to take a few seconds and reflect. Thinking back to what’s been predominant in my life the past few weeks (clue: it hasn’t been wedding planning – yikes), running is obviously the first thing that comes to mind. Further reflection revealed that I’ve actually had more than a few people express interest to me in starting to run.

This makes me happy for a few reasons. One, I think it’s super awesome that people even read my blog and think that I actually know what I’m talking about (ha!). Two, that they want to actually give running a whirl.

I’m not going to lie, before I started, I thought runner’s were stupid. Prancing around on the sides of roads in their shorts all runnery and such. Ugh, who has time for that?

My, how the tables have turned. My parent’s still can’t really understand why I run and for some, it’s just not their cup of tea. But for me, it is. A weirdly addictive tea that causes me to spend obscene amounts of money to get up at ungodly hours of the morning to run races that I know for a fact I’ll never win.

Drink Me - Alice in Wonderland Themed Drink and Bottle Tags

Drink me indeed. (Photo found here)

So the fact that people want to take up running makes me happy. I was there once. Oh, and that mile that you don’t even think you can run? I couldn’t run it either. I had no base. I was not in shape in the slightest. I can vividly remember my “first run”. It was cold, I was over it before it began, and a mile – ONE MILE – seemed like an eternity away. In fact, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even do it. I think I did like .8 of a mile before I had to call it a day and walk. True story.

What I lacked in athleticism, I made up for with determination and I remember running a solid 3 miles without stopping and thinking I was the bees freakin’ knees.

In my Half Marathon Training Calender, the first long run I have listed is 2 miles. It’s daunting. It’s the beginning of a journey to 13.1 miles. But trust me, and I say this with as much sincerety as I can muster, I was there. If I can do it, you can too.

Need additional motivation? Check out all my past blog posts with some run fun that may help you along the way:

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Happy Friday everyone! What are your plans for the weekend? And just for giggles, anyone have an embarrassing running story they want to share? Chances are (aside from the whole pooping your pants thing) I’ve done it. Nothing is more humbling.


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