Downtown Date

My apologies for those of you searching for a new post yesterday. I’ve been a bit busy…

Not really. I mean, I have been kind of busy, but mostly I’ve been lazy. I haven’t even unpacked from the weekend and for a neat freak like me, that’s big. But that’s just me – living on the edge…and being lazy.

So rather than bore you with all my lazy happenings (which have been none unless you count the overdue viewing of The Walking Dead season finale) I figured I’d wait and enthrall you with something of at least a smidgen of interest.

Last night, J and I were given tickets to see one of our favorite bands, NeedtoBreath (alloneword). J took me to see them for one of our very first dates (swoon), they’ve played at  Bonnaroo a few times,  and we both really enjoy their music – kind of folksy and rocky and pretty much awesome.


Even more awesome was that they were playing in one of my favorite Knoxville venues – The Tennessee Theatre.

Tennessee Theatre

Ain’t it purdy?

I adore this place so much that I insisted we have a few engagement pics snapped there… 121201_John%26Kate_125_EDIT-2250367613-O

damn precious.

Before all this musical fun, we decided to get some food at a new(ish) restaurant downtown called Knox MasonKnox Mason Serving what they tout as “contemporary Southern” we hunkered down to enjoy a few dishes that appealed to us: Knox Mason Shrimp ToastShrimp Toast – Surprisingly quite delicious. My favorite thing we ordered.

Knox Mason Risotto“Risotto” with mushrooms and truffle butter very creamy and rich

Knox Mason Winter SaladWarm winter salad topped with bacon and an egg. Different, but delightfully original.

All in all, a wonderful meal. I would happily go back just for the shrimp toast. A good date night too. I supposed those are nice to have once in a while…

What’s your idea of a perfect date night?


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