Happy, Happy Friday! My office has sent me downtown to participate in a Social Media Conference (nerd alert) called Social Slam so if you notice your twitter feed blowing up with nerdtastic social media jargon, you now know why.

Social slamming aside, this girl is trying to focus hard on the upcoming half on Sunday – Knoxville’s Covenent Health Half Marathon.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about it – mostly because this is one of the only half marathons I’ve participated in that doesn’t involve significant travel. But also because the weather is looking pretty awesome:


It’s about time it started to look like Spring around here…

I made the mistake of reading some race reviews and I think I may have phsyched myself out a bit. Word on the street is the race is a bit hilly. I drove it, and it doesn’t look like anything that’s going to cause me any problems (hello, Knoxville is a hilly place!) but still, there’s always that looming negativity.

So in an effort to rid myself of the bad thoughts, and bring in happy ones, I meandered over to the library to check out a few books. Yes, people still do that. There’s like 4 of us left -we’re a dying breed. Also, I’m realizing between my social media conference and my love of libraries, I’m kind of a dweeb.

Whatever. I Found this after rummaging through the card catalog: LongMayYouRun

I’ve been reading it before I go to bed at night (when else does one have time to read?) and am actually kind of enjoying the empowerment it emulates. Need some ‘run’spiration? I’ll lay it on thick: IMG_8187 IMG_8188 IMG_8188-001 IMG_8198 IMG_8190 And for your fun Friday Fact (in case you didn’t know)… IMG_8194

I don’t have any big goals for this race. Coming fresh off a fancy new PR, I don’t think I’ll be quite as lucky this go around, you know, with the hills and all. I’m shooting for under 2 hours, but if not that will be ok too. Just going to enjoy the weather and the surroundings of my fair city.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Do you ever run a race without a set goal in mind? I feel like maybe I should be a bit more ambitious but sometimes it’s nice not to take yourself too seriously.

Because obviously I take myself VERY seriously….

Have a wonderful weekend guys!


5 thoughts on “Runspiration

  1. Hey, I still go to the library too, and so does my boyfriend. 🙂
    Good luck this weekend at your half! I don’t take myself too seriously either, but I have to admit that it’s hard for me not to at least try to go out for a PR every race. I think that’s why I’ve enjoyed trail races — the elevation gain makes it nearly impossible to PR, so I’m forced to concentrate on specific goals like running up hills stronger, not taking walk breaks, etc. I think it’s great to have a “have fun and enjoy your city” goal too!

    • Thanks! I feel like maybe someday I’ll get to the point where I want to PR every race, but then I wouldn’t and I’d be sad. I’m still in the “happy I finished” phase of my running career. That way, I’m never disappointed. Worst. Runner. Ever.

      • No, that’s a great attitude! I wish I could be less Type-A about my approach to races. Well, at least I don’t get too down on myself if I don’t PR. It’s just a race after all — and you’re right, finishing is what matters most!

  2. First off…. please click this link :

    Plans for the weekend, sell one of my cars, and then head to the Coachella Valley to procure a ticket to next weeks festival…yeah…redux. As for the running, I take every race pretty serious because I don’t sign up for very many…maybe 4 a year? I think after NYC I may start toning it down a bit though and start doing races for “fun”. Have a good time this weekend and prepare yourself for the worst amount of hills so if it is less…you will be psyched!

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