For the Love of Friday

Phew – it’s finally Friday, and what a week it has been. I think the emotional toll of what happened up in Boston, at the White House, and in Texas has had a significantly sobering effect on almost everyone with a pulse. Funny how events that had nothing to do with you can still leave you confused and drained.

But enough of this. The seconds tick by, and we heal. Friday is the beginning of the weekend and thus a new week is just around the corner. But before I focus on the weekend, I want to reflect on my week. Not too much has been going on in my world but in an effort to focus on positive things that happened this week, I inevitably began to think about some of the better moments I had.

Fun Fact: J’s brother packed up and moved to Taipei (the Capitol of Taiwan for all you geographically challenged folks) a little less than a year ago. And while he’s over there having all kinds of fun adventures with his girlfriend, I wonder forlornly, why I never up and moved across the globe when I had the chance…sigh. Either way, J’s parent’s decided they wanted to have an adventure as well and headed over to China to hang out with J’s brother. And in true parental fashion, brought back souvenirs for us! We love souvenirs, especially when they are packaged in writing that we couldn’t even begin to transcribe!

You better believe I ate the crap out of this mysterious, smuggled cake! Chinese Gifts

And check out this beautiful tiger’s eye bracelet and chopstick set. I mean hell, if you can’t join ’em, you may as well eat using the same utensils amIright?

The weather has been pretty amazing here lately, and I’ve made it a point to take this little weasel out for some long walks when I get home from work. Happy BellaIt’s pretty much her most favoritist thing in the whole wide world and I swear to God if I could bottle up her enthusiasm for a walk outside, I would.

I’m pretty stoked about the Nike Half next weekend and I’ve actually been taking my running a bit more seriously (not that I don’t always, ALWAYS take it seriously). Weekly WorkoutsOn Tuesday, I ran. It was a really crappy run. It was my post-Boston “you better run because there are people out there who can’t now” run and so I was a bit on the melancholy side. It was stupid humid out so not only did I quickly overheat, but I got a mild sunburn to boot. Good job, Kate. Point is, I ran. It wasn’t pretty, but I did it. The bad runs, also always make you appreciate the good ones so much more. Take for instance my Thursday run. Five good miles: up with the sun and owning the world. – at least that’s what I felt like. Those are the best kinds of runs.

Ok, this one’s kind of lame, but it was so tasty and simple that I had to share. I have always loved cucumbers. Something about the crunch? I don’t know. But on any given day, it’s safe to say there are no less than three cucumbers hiding in the drawers of my ‘fridge. Typically I eat those bad boys as is. Sometimes I peel them, but if I’m living on the wild side, I’ll leave it on – I’m just crazy like that. Yesterday, I peeled it. I salted it a bit, and I sprinkled some fresh parsley on top because, again, I’m just crazy like that. Parsley and Cucumber Guys, it was really good. So simple, and fresh, and delicious. Just try it. Seriously. Go to the grocery store, drop $1.50 on a cucumber and some parsley, and munch away.

And finally, for your Friday enjoyment, a touching video that at first, made me a bit sad but after a bit of thinking, had me realizing that it’s a call to women to stop judging themselves so harshly. Something, I’m sure many of us ladies do far too much.

As for you men, you apparently have no issues with that…

Lol, his eye’s were ‘rapey’…

Happy Friday everyone, have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “For the Love of Friday

  1. Oh geez…I think the Dove ad is spot on for a lot of women I know. Waaaaay too hard on themselves, so beautiful but they tend to focus on things that either don’t matter or only they see. Anyway, the second video had me dying, so good.

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