Road Trip for One

So last weekend I ran a little race. Not only did I have a great time running, I had an absolute blast taking in D.C. for two days.

J was unable to join but rest assured, I was happy to go on a little road trip by myself. Seven hours on the road filled with the music I want to listen to, and catching up with old friends on the phone.  Spending my time wandering around aimlessly, with no real plans, and taking myself out for delicious meals. Sometimes a girl needs, and should relish, a few days on her own.

Following the fiasco that was happening in Georgetown, I headed to my hotel in Old Town Alexandria. I booked my hotel based on my familiarity with the area, and the close proximity to the metro station. It’s also right on King Street, walking distance from blocks of boutiques, restaurants, galleries, and the waterfront.

After unpacking, I showered and headed out to find a place to eat. But first, a red velvet cupcake from the Bittersweet Cafe for my walk seemed to be like a good choice Cupcake

I did some research and was directed to The Majestic Cafe where I completely surrendered myself to the whims of my waitress.

And thankfully so, as I had the best (and this may sound random) Caesar salad of my life. For real. Made table side and overflowing with fresh and delicious flavors from the crisp lettuce and the salty anchovies,  this salad was by far, the pinnacle of my meal. I know, it’s a stupid salad – but no joke guys, this salad was the shit. Caesar Salad of my dreams

That’s not to say my entrée and desert (you better believe I stuffed my face) weren’t delectable, because they were. My seafood stew was cooked perfectly in a delicate and flavorful broth, accompanied by a crisp and refreshing rosé, it was a wonderful dish. And I can’t forget the chocolate creme brûlée served with almond cookies that was absolutely over the top. Majestic Food I am surprised the door frames didn’t need to be greased for me to get out of there. I would highly recommend the Majestic Cafe if you are in the area.

Saturday I woke up early and hopped on the metro after grabbing a cup of coffee. I wanted to make a test run for the race the next day and see how long it the metro ride would take. 30 minutes later I was standing smack dab in the middle of D.C. right at the start line where Nike was out in full force setting up for the race the following morning.

I immediately headed over to the Smithsonian to look around. I only made it into the American History Museum where I took in several exhibits including this one: Food

After, I headed over to the mall to enjoy some early afternoon sunshine and take in the sights: Monuments

I was en route to the White House, when they began to close down the area for the White House Correspondents Dinner that evening, so I was never able to get there. This was probably a blessing in disguise as I shouldn’t have been out walking around for miles on end the day before a race.

I headed back to the Metro and my hotel where I did some additional research to try to find an Italian restaurant to enjoy some pasta at for my pre race carb load. I couldn’t manage to find anything of note, and decided to just walk until I found something that struck my fancy.

Il Porto it was, an old Italian restaurant that had some pretty tasty looking items on the menu for reasonable prices. I ordered Pollo Siciliano served on a bed of Fettuccine Alfredo and gobbled slice after slice of the delicious crusty bread that they sat on my table for one. Il Porto

My entrée was good, not great but the atmosphere was lovely and my carb quotient was heartily met.

I stopped for some froyo on the way home and ate it down by the water. I couldn’t have asked for a better view…WaterfrontThen I headed back to my hotel in an attempt to get a good night’s sleep before my alarm went off at 5am. I swear, getting up early for these stupid things is harder than running them.

So although my time in D.C. was short, I made the best of it, found the world’s best Caesar salad, and ran a pretty kick ass race. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Until we meet again, fair city! (Which will actually be in October for the Marine Corps Marathon – yikes)


8 thoughts on “Road Trip for One

      • It’s just a great course and emotional watching a lot of the marines run for those who have lost limbs or who have died fighting for their country. It’s one of the only marathons I’ve wanted to do more than once…and I will be running my 7th marathon in September.

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