Mint Julep Derby Hat Cookies

If you follow me on Twitter (@TheSassySwan) or Instagram (@katecswanson) you know one of my favorite weekends in upon us. It is Kentucky Derby time! Derby Tix

This will be my 4th year going and pretty special because we will be joined by my very best friend (and MOH) S and her hubs. A weekend filled with horse racing, big hats, and of course, a few juleps is something I look forward to every year.

I wanted to create a fun recipe for you guys and after some serious thought, came up with something so off the wall ridiculous that it even surprised me. I’ve done the cupcake thing (Mint Julep Cupcakes are always a crowd pleaser) so this year, I was thinking cookie. I could go a sugar cookie route, but I’m not all that great at decorating so I’ll leave that to the artsy types.

There’s not many flavors I could incorporate into a cookie to make them derby-related and aside from a cool cookie-cutter, even fewer aesthetic options. So I dug deep into my creative mind and decided to do a take on a mint julep cookie. Of course that’s been done, so I wanted to take it to the next level. A hat shaped mint julep cookie.

This is when things got interesting. How would I make a cookie look like a hat without a cookie cutter? Commence Google Search. I got some ideas but was still torn about the best way to go about this. For a hat, I need a flat base with a round part in the middle. So a flat cookie and a ball. I could do that. But to achieve this mint julep flavor I would need mint and bourbon. Then it hit me: A mint wafer (think a thin mint, but bigger and without the chocolate coating, and a bourbon ball. Yup – Bourbon. Ball.

I slightly tweaked two recipes I found online, made them into hat shaped cookies and covered those bad boys in chocolate. The end result? I crunchy and soft chocolate mint bourbon hat cookie that emulates all that is right with the world: chocolate, mint, and bourbon.

Be warned, this recipe can be a bit time consuming since there are so many steps – BUT – the recipes for each element are relatively easy and honestly, the end result is ridiculously good.

Mint Julep Derby Hat Cookies Mint Julep Derby Hat Cookies

Difficulty: Medium

Yields: 24 cookies


  • 24 Chocolate Peppermint Cookies (recipe found here just omit the chocolate coating and peppermint pieces) Mint Cookies
  • 24 bourbon balls (recipe found here. Don’t roll the balls in powdered sugar, leave them ‘naked’ and refrigerate until needed. ) Bourbon Balls
  • 1 lb white chocolate, melted
  • Icing for piping a ribbon around the hat. I chose red but you can get creative


In a small piping bag, put some melted white chocolate. This is going to be the glue for the hat pieces.

Take a cookie, dab a bit of chocolate on, and squish a bourbon ball on top, working it into a hat shape.  Derby Cookie 1Derby Cookie 2

Repeat on all 24 cookies and place on a wire rack. Derby Cookies

Lightly pour melted chocolate over top of your hats, being sure to evenly coat. Allow to cool. Derby Cookies 2

Pipe a ribbon and bow around the hat, and adorn as you see fit. I’m not all that fancy and frankly my stomach was grumbling so I was pretty light on the decorations. Derby Hat Cookies

Allow to cool, and store in an airtight container.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and be sure to catch “the most exciting two minutes in sports” this Saturday. Keep an eye out for me. I’ll have a mint (yes I’m wearing a mint colored dress) and a big, obnoxious white hat on. Can’t miss me.


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