Derby 2013

My weekend was spent in Louisville at a little horse race. It rained a bit, which under normal circumstances could be disasterious. But I’ve found in my four years of Derbys that if you mix good friends and a little bit of bourbon under the roof of Churchill Downs, you’re guaranteed a good time.

So, rather than give you an extensive run down of my debauchery over the past few days, this blog will be a bit of a picture book with a few words thrown in for good measure.

Friday – Kentucky Oaks Day: Oaks 2

Dress in our finest fascinators, we took on the twin spires,Churchill Downs

Drank overpriced champagne out of a weird fluted spout thing,Bubbles

and a few other drinks.Lillys and Juleps

I took a few bets… Spending dollas

…That I didn’t win,

and the next day, Derby Day, we woke up and did it all again.

Derby Day

Except the weather wasn’t nearly as nice so although we look so pretty in this picture, we actually looked like this for the majority of the day: Rainy Day

And watching a track that looked like this:
Horse RaceAnd winning a whopping $8.00 on Orb. Professional horse better right here.

But the lost bets, the ponchos, and the muddy track didn’t matter. I was with the best group of people there.

Run for the Roses

Happy Monday guys!


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