Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday everyone! It seems like this week has just flown by. The past few weeks have been pretty busy for me, between D.C., Derby, work and races, this weekend brings a welcome bit of relaxation until next weekend’s half marathon.

That being said, there really hasn’t been too much of note going on in my little world BUT that doesn’t mean there’s not all kinds of fun things to share with you guys. This Friday post has a hodge podge of favorite things that are all over the place so bear with me…

About a year ago, I edited my GPS to only tell me my distance while I ran. I didn’t care about my pace and wasn’t interested in pushing myself – simply getting the miles in. Recently MapMyRun was updated and my settings were changed to report my miles and pace. I haven’t gotten around to changing it, and probably won’t, because as somewhat of a seasoned runner, I’m actually beginning to care about my speed. MapMyRunPace

Case and point: Monday, I wanted to get out for a run since a mixture of the rain and Derby festivities prohibited me from doing much of anything else over the weekend. Nothing long, just a quick 4 miles before dinner. I’m one to assume that all my miles are going to be in the 9 – 10 minute range, you can imagine my surprise when I heard “…split pace 7:49…”. A 7-something minute mile? Maybe the ol’ GPS is off? I continued on my way and again at mile 2 heard my pace report that was only 2 seconds slower than the previous mile. I couldn’t help my smile as the sweat poured into my eyes. Realizing your body is capable of doing things you never even considered is such a wonderful feeling.

Let’s talk Despicable Me for a second… Love that stupid movie. Obsessed with those minions and their funny little banter. I’ve dressed up as one for my work a few years ago (no pictures that I can find, thank God) and I’ve spent too much money in a random claw machine just to get a little stuffed one (and yes I got it, thankyouverymuch). In case you haven’t heard, Universal is releasing a sequel in July so they are on full promotion force. So, So you can imagined my surprise and delight when last Friday, I looked up in the sky and saw this:

A DESPICABLIMP! A Blimp, shaped like a minion, flying around being all cool and stuff. Turns out that bad boy was at Churchill downs only for the weekend because you can actually enter to win a ride in the hideous and yet awesome thing.

And finally, I couldn’t get away with talking about this weekend and not mentioning The Great Gatsby.

Everyone’s new favorite thing. This film was originally supposed to be released during Christmas time and was moved to this weekend for reason’s beyond the scope of my studio knowledge. And let’s not kid ourselves here, we were ALL obsessed with Romeo and Juliet came out. Oh Leo…and don’t get me started on pretty much one of the best soundtracks of all time. So here we are, 17 (yes 17) years later. Leo’s back, the tragic storyline is back, so is Baz Luhrmann in all is wildly creative cinematic glory, all wrapped together with a highly anticipated and innovative soundtrack.

Let me be frank, the first time I listened to it I wasn’t all impressed. With the exception of Jack White’s “Love is Blind“, I couldn’t find many songs I care for. But then I listened to it again, and again. And now I just can’t stop. Jay-Z kills it (does he ever not kill it?) that Lana Del Ray’s “Young and Beautiful” is haunting, and Fergie’s “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” makes me wanna run a few more sub 8 min miles.

Anyone else going to see the Great Gatsby this weekend?

Runners: Ever had a pace that completely took you by surprise?

And the real question of the day, who would ride in the Despicablimp with me?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


3 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday

  1. I would like to see The Great Gatsby, but it’s probably not going to happen this weekend because I don’t think I’ll be able to convince the bf to see it with me, and I haven’t coordinated an outing with friends. If you see it, tell us how it was? I’m a big fan of Baz Luhrmann.

    I find that the less I actually *think* about pace, the more I surprise myself with how fast I can run. It’s crazy how our minds can either really limit or help us when it comes to running. That’s amazing that you’ve come so far in your pace – in just this past year, right?! Great job!!

  2. I may see the Great Gatsby this weekend…I mean, I own Romeo + Juliet on DVD and watch it whenever it happens to be on…and Moulin Rouge…I swear I am completely straight.

    Yes, I have had a pace surprise me as recently as RAGNAR a few weeks back when my app informed me I ran a 5:51 first mile I knew it was time to reign it in since I had 7.5 miles left…

    If it was in California yes, blimp rides look like the bees knees…(see what I did there w/ Gatsbyisms?)

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