Running for Froyo

Happy Monday everyone! I’m really dragging this morning so my apologies for the assorted ramblings of the post you are about to read.  I also came down with what can only be described as the head cold from hell on Saturday which left me runny-nosed, watery-eyed, and altogether useless. An emergency shuffle to the closest pharmacy for some heavy-duty zyrtec and I was (almost) back in business.

Moving along…I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a fabulous Mother’s Day! Both J’s mom and my own happened to be out-of-town so we spent our Mother’s Day enjoying some beautiful, albeit chilly, weather. AKA the perfect running conditions.

Kudos to Knoxville and their awesome Greenway system. Miles of paved roads, usually covered by foliage and away from traffic. I ran part of the Third Creek Greenway during last months Knoxville Half Marathon, and decided to run it again, this time with J.  photophoto-2

Double kudos to J – he’s been cranking out miles like a fiend in an effort to train for his very first half marathon in June. He put out a solid 9 yesterday and I did 11. We followed our run up with some tasty froyo (which happened to be in the plaza where we parked our car – score!). Post Run Froyo Although I was sick, I followed my ‘above the neck’ rule and it actually wasn’t bad. I went a bit slower than usual but J and I were able to talk the whole time and enjoy the sunshine which was nice.

I need some fellow runner advice. First, I ran with a hand-held. I rarely do this but as I was sick I figured it would be best to have something to aid in my dry throat every now and then. Anyone personally run races with one? If so, do you think there are significant benefits to it? I’m thinking of utilizing it this weekend and would love some opinions.  Squirt

My second running related question: I need your thoughts on visors and/or sunglasses. I tend to fog up sunglasses when I wear them (the sad result of chipmunk cheeks) and was looking into investing in a visor as an alternative. Any thoughts or opinions on either? Hate running in a visor? I’d love to know why.  Gosh, I love having this blog as a forum to ask all the stupid questions I want. You guys are the best 🙂


11 thoughts on “Running for Froyo

  1. Yay for froyo! To answer your questions:
    1. I have carried my handheld several times during races – especially for big ones where I know the first few aid stations will be crazy crowded. I like it because it’s easier than drinking from a cup and I can take a sip when I want to, and it’s got a little pouch to stow extra fuel. The downside is, of course, you have to carry the thing, but the only time that was a pain was when I ran CIM last year and it got so waterlogged, I felt like I was doing bicep curls for 18 miles. I’ve heard that some people carry a disposable water bottle and just toss it when they’re done. A friend of mine makes a little duct tape carrier/handle on a “sports” water bottle (the ones that come with the pop-up spigot) and throws it away a few miles into the race, which seems like a good compromise… though those are usually 16-20 oz of water, which is way more than I usually drink for a half marathon so my 12 oz handheld still works better for me, personally.
    2. I wear a running hat almost all the time (brand: Under Armor). I like it because it’s no fuss — gets my hair out of my face, covers my eyes/face from the sun, and catches a lot of sweat. The one part I don’t like is that the sweatband does get kinda icky, even though I wash my hats a lot. I’ve been breaking out along the hairline for this reason, I think. Sometimes if it’s REALLY sunny, and I’m running near water or anywhere where the sun reflects off of stuff, then I’ll still need sunglasses, so a visor is not fail-proof.

    That was crazy long-winded and probably not all that helpful. 😉 Good luck!

    • Thanks for the ideas…the duck tape sounds like a good plan – maybe I can switch out one of those spigots on a smaller bottle? OR maybe I’ll just invent a throwaway bottle for runners…possible new business venture? As for the visor, I was worried about the gross sweatband thing. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for one at TJ Maxx – if I find one it’s meant to be. Nothing like leaving my fate in the hands of discount store.

  2. I run with a floppy beach hat and I replenish myself by carrying my canister of margos! Hope that helps!
    p.s. salt your canisters rim!

  3. J is killing it…9 miles at that pace and he is still has about a month left to train, that is awesome.
    I hate running with anything, I hide bottles on my long runs as I am sure you remember, mainly because I hate carrying anything. I bought a stupid nerd lasso (fuel belt) and I put it on in my apartment before a long run, then immediately took it off once I knew it would annoy the s&(@ out of me, it has been in my cupboard ever since, great investment. BUT if you have to run with something, I like Jen’s friends idea, duct tape and those little 8oz bottle would work for me, then toss them! As for hats, I look stupid in visors and I can’t bring myself to wear “athletic” shades…I would rather get a pterygium. Hope none of this helps, I am sure it didn’t.

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