Running Isn’t an Option

Memorial DayHappy Memorial Day, everyone! A big, fat, thank you to everyone for whom this holiday is in honor of.

Now while everyone is celebrating in their various way, be it a family bbq, a day on the water, or simply relishing in a rare Monday off, I will NOT be running. This, sadly, is not by choice.

Two Saturdays ago, several hours after my last half marathon, I had an unfortunate run in with a rogue dart board that was for whatever reason, was laying in the middle of the floor. And by run in, I mean I literally ran into it and it sliced a pretty substantial chunk out of my left big toe. It’s events like this that solidify my title as Grade A klutz.

Either way, following a solid day of bleeding and limping, it was obvious I would not be running anytime soon. So I gave it a week. Nothing but open toed shoes, a roll of medical tape, and staying off my foot as possible. Read: no running. Something that when self-imposed, can be luxurious but when forced upon, can be unbearable.

So last Saturday, I figured I would be good to go. I mean I’ve given my stupid toe a week to get itself together. J and I laced up our sneakers, I being particularly careful to bandage my foot, and set out to take advantage of the cool morning temperatures and run 12 miles. I got 1/10 of a mile before I had to stop. The pressure on my toe was too much for me to run with and I had to settle for a lowly 5 mile walk (while J killed with 12).

As a runner, this is stupendously frustrating. Even more so given J and I have our first half marathon together this Saturday. I wanted to, no I needed to run. My legs were twitching with energy but my toe, my toe was not having it. Both of J’s parents are in the medical field and both are insisting I continue to stay off my foot until race day resulting in two solid weeks of no running in preparation for this race.

So riddle me this, fellow runners, how do you prepare for a run when running isn’t an option? I can obviously get some basic cardio in – possibly bike, definitely swim, brisk walking (nerd alert), but will that be enough? J says yes. I on the other hand and pessimistic. I remember what happened last time I stopped for a few weeks, and it wasn’t pretty.

Only time will tell. In the meantime, you can find me getting my cardio on in the form of paddling to and from a boat on an inner tube. boat

Happy Monday everyone, make it a good one!


10 thoughts on “Running Isn’t an Option

  1. Yikes! I think if you can do some challenging cardio (e.g., spinning, walking on a treadmill set high % ramp, swimming, elliptical), you’ll be OK for the race. Good luck!!

  2. Swim, swim and swim…then elliptical. I feel like this may be the start of excuses for why J smoked you in his first half…he was going to destroy you anyway so let’s not point to the injury.

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