Three Hot Miles

Well guys, I did it. I managed to get a run in without wanting to sever my toe! 3 mile Hell

Now before you get all judgy, I was mucho unprepared for this random run when J practically yanked me out the door as soon as I got home from work. I mean seriously unprepared. I had a cucumber and Bugles for lunch (the product of an early morning refrigerator raid and a vending machine stop) and the only liquid I’d had all day was coffee…Oh yeah and it was hotter than hell out.

But I ran. I ran with a big fat bandage on and thick padded socks. And although it didn’t feel super awesome, the pain was at least bearable.

Of course, we only ran three miles. Three long, grueling miles but I will take it! The way I see it, you’re supposed to do a long run two weeks before a race and then taper. Well I did do a long run and I did taper (read: completely stopped running). So really, I’m right on track to run the best race of my life!! VA Wine Country

Did I mention that there will be wine at this race?? I mean, yeah there’s a wine festival at the end of it, but there will be wine actually on the course. Mile 6 to be exact – a Traminette white wine to help awaken the senses…or something.

I mean, we all know I love my wine:

Cheesin' with cheese

Also, the high that day will be 92. I hear wine and caffeine is pretty much all I should be drinking to stay hydrated so I’m certain I’m going to win this race.

In all seriousness, it starting to get hot again ’round these parts so be sure to follow at least some of my guidelines to running in the heat.  No need to be passing out on the side of the road due to heat stroke.

So I’ve got a lot to think about. Mainly how I am going to drink 17 wineries worth of wine after losing half my weight in water following what will undoubtedly be one of the hottest races I’ve ever run. J’s never going to want to run another half with me after this…

Happy Wednesday kids! What’s your favorite way to beat the heat??



One thought on “Three Hot Miles

  1. Stop crossing your fingers that J is going to hate running after this…I have a feeling he will get hooked and dragging you out for a run when you get home will become all too familiar.

    White wine is terrible. I am already cursing the heat when I have to run…otherwise, welcome back!

    Good luck this weekend to both of you, stay cool…I like to dump water on my head and down my back during hot races.

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