Friday Un-Faves

Happy Friday everyone! Please don’t take this post’s title as me being a negative Nancy – I’m just looking to do a little something different. Friday Faves full of all the great and wonderful stuff that happened in my life are great and all, but not nearly as fun as all the stupid shit that goes on in it – which happens to be pretty regularly… Let’s get started!

Around noon today, I will heading North to DC for tomorrow’s race. You’ll find me sipping Gatorade like its going out of style in hopes of staying at least moderately hydrated for tomorrow’s scorching temperatures.


Lest we forget the humidity factor…

Hot yoga is the new thing, right? Well I’m starting a little trend called hot running. Sure you may die, but what difference does that make if you are on the cutting edge of the next big thing??

TOE UPDATE: Still hurting. Still wrapped, and still bleeding every now and then. Gross, yes but a pretty significant Friday Un-Fave so it stays.

And while we’re on the subject of running, this little gem showed up in my junk e-mail: photo

Junk indeed. My rejection into the NYC marathon was not completely deflating as the Marine Corps Marathon is the following weekend and I honestly had no idea how I was going to pull of both and still keep my job…All’s well that ends well.

Wednesday night, J was out-of-town and I was in the mood for some pizza. I found this bad boy and was all “Only a 190 calories?? Wow!”12653168-standard

Sadly, it tastes like 190 calorie pizza. Cardboard crust and rubbery cheese that was only made better by several pounds of Parmesan cheese and a helping of blue cheese. Le sigh… On another note, does anyone else dip their pizza in blue cheese?

And speaking of blue, I found my wedding shoes. And by found, I simply mean I shall covet from afar. d'Orsay Pumps

I mean really, $800 for shoes?? Although I’m sure I can cut back on something….we don’t really need all those flowers, do we?

In all seriousness, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with lots of favorites! What are your plans??


7 thoughts on “Friday Un-Faves

  1. I would never trust anything like 190 calorie pizza! I’d rather go for just one slice of the real thing instead.

    Good luck tomorrow! Hope you don’t get too hot and that your toe stays intact!!

  2. I’m going to lounge by a pool redneck style. You should do race-for-the-shoes fundraiser for your wedding shoes. You know like the kind where people pledge money by the mile. Think about it:)

  3. “Please take this post’s title as me being a negative Nancy” …don’t worry I did…and wasn’t disappointed!

    First off, charge your phone…sorry you didn’t get into NYC (for selfish reasons) but it would’ve sucked to run two marathons that close. Those shoes are…ummm…shoes. I get it, they are Manaolo’s (totes adorns for realizes) and although I have an expensive watch (that I currently wear almost everyday) I will never understand shoes over $200…that’s the guy in me…it’s your wedding though, no one even cares about the flowers! DO IT. Just kidding…your nuts. BUT DO IT.

    Good luck tomorrow, pack some Nuun and wear as little clothes as possible…that weather kind of reminds me of the half I ran in Hawaii…totally unprepared for the humidity and the hills on that course. Vaya con dios and just try to keep J within eye sight.

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