Friday Jumble

Who has two thumbs and has been a crappy blogger this week?? That would be me. I feel like I’ve been up, down, and all around lately with all kinds of crap and hope to spend the weekend getting back on track – cooking, biking, running, and maybe a little pool time to round it all out.

So on this Friday, I leave you with a poo-poo platter of  stuff going on in my life that I’m sure you are majorly concerned about. Let’s begin:

  • In stark contrast to National Running is National Donut Day – coincidence? I think not. I foresee a sprinkly pink donut in my future! On another note, doughnut or donut? Because according to my annoying my persnickety spell check, donut is incorrect and now my post is laced with squiggly red lines.
  • For any of  you that give a hoot about wedding stuff, I’ve managed to find and book a wedding venue (check it out here).


I must admit, it’s pretty bad ass as far as barns go and I’m starting to get kind excited about this whole wedding thing – it was looking pretty bleak there for a while.

  • For anyone that likes a good hunt, I’m looking for this liquor:

As you may or may not know, rhubarb is one of my favorite flavors and I’m certain that I NEED THIS in my life. So keep your eyes peeled.

  • TOE UPDATE: Still sore, still a bit cut up, but getting better. Not entirely comfortable to run in yet but I have high hopes for next week.
  • And to finish off this post, I give you this picture of sweet J and I crossing the finish line at last week’s race (aka J’s first half marathon). FinishersWe look a bit hot, no? And I don’t mean in the sexy way…

Happy Friday guys! What’s everyone else up to?

9 thoughts on “Friday Jumble

  1. The barn is awesome! The Rhuby can be found online, Super Wine Warehouse will ship it to you, not sure if your state prohibits this because I had to leave before I ended up spending a few hundred. Your pic is very hot looking.

    As for DONUTS…I am not only a runner, I am a fat kid, errr donut…lets be real, sweets lover but especially a good donut. Let’s just say I stopped at a shop this morning and walked out with…three…one for every mile I ran on NRD.

      • Whack attack on the booze. As for DONUTS…I was spoiled as a kid and literally grew up going to the best donut shop ever…they never leave a greasy oily film in your mouth and never make you feel disgusting after…which is a problem because they are so damn delicious you almost forget they are bad for you. Anyway, I give you this background because I no longer live where I grew up and have been on a search for a shop better or at least comparable to it ever since I moved away. NO LUCK. So my dream DONUT score today would have been a chocolate covered custard filled, a crumb donut that melts in your mouth, a cinnamon roll and a glorious apple fritter…washed down by some donut holes. Instead, the shop I stopped at is decent but their custard filled blows, the crumb donut is too dense and their cinnamon rolls are crap…I settled for a apple fritter and an old fashioned buttermilk to go along with a ham+cheese croissant…let’s just say, I only ate a little bit before tossing the rest. No reason in ruining my diet for inferior donuts! So to make a short story long, there ya have it. What did you put in your belly?

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