Bonnaroo 2013

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of post yesterday – my zombie-like state left for some pretty awful writing so I figured I’d give it a day. Trust me, it was for the best.

Said state was due to the fact that I had spent my weekend in the middle of Tennessee, on a farm, at Bonnaroo. This marks my 4th year going (and the 2nd year that I promised myself I wouldn’t) and I can honestly say this was one of the better years. Not so much because of the performances (I really only experienced three) but because it was pretty stress-free on my end.

I showed up late Friday afternoon. J had come the day before, set up a sturdy camp so the extent of my responsibility included bringing limes for the Coronas that were already being chilled in our cooler. I could get used to this.

Quickly, let’s talk about my Bonnashoes: Bonnashoes

I felt these were a complete necessity and an absolute STEAL at $7.98. Who say’s you can’t find hidden treasures at the Walmart?

Moving right along – one of my first stops once I arrived, settled in, and enjoyed a few lime infused Coronas was the Ben and Jerry’s tent. Obviously. They, sadly, weren’t giving away samples of Bonnaroo Buzz yet but what they were giving away was pretty amazing: Super Swan

Oh yeah. Super Sassy Swan to the rescue!

I followed this little jaunt up with some additional wondering around – people watching is one of my favorite Bonnaroo pasttimes. That and eating… and before I knew it it was time for Paul McCartney. Bonnaroo Arch

Let’s talk Paul for a minute. I am no Beetles fan. Not that I don’t like their music – it’s fine by me – I just never hopped on that train. I know enough songs to get by and so my expectations were not high (although half the people their were…). But I have to say – when ole Paul busted out with ‘Live and Let Die’, pyrotechnics included and followed that up with a healthy rendition of ‘Hey Jude’ I had chills. I had just checked off something on my bucket list that I didn’t’ even know was there. I guess after 50+ years of performing, once learns how to keep even the most uninterested person’s attention. Live and Let Die

After Paul, we headed back to camp where I promptly hit the hay.

Something fun that Bonnaroo did this year was have an inaugural 5-k. Unfortunately, as we didn’t find out until about 2 weeks before that we would actually be going, I was unable to sign up in time. No matter, I’ll just run one myself I though. And I’ll be damned, I woke up at 7:00 AM and ran a 5-k around Bonnaroo.  Empty Roo

Bonnaroo is  pretty magical place early in the morning. You have a few residual hippies, possible still tripping from the night before wandering around aimlessly, but other than that it’s pretty abandoned. Also pretty cool knowing that in a few short hours, the place will be crawling with over 100,000 people and singers from all over the world.

So I got my run on – fun stuff and was ready to begin the day. Coffee was in order so John and I went back in to get some iced java and people watch.  After a morning of caffeine and observation we were ready to take on a few of the day’s performers. Top of my list? Nas. Yup. Love him. My high school day’s were addled with Nas blasting from the speakers of my silver Chevy Cavalier. I was so cool.

Truth be told, he put on a pretty awesome show. He sang every song I was hoping he would – including the obscure ones (‘Can’t Forget About You being one of my favorites) and obviously I wasn’t the only one interested in a nostalgic taste of their high school/college days… Nas Show

After Nas, we met up with my friend N and her hubs A where we caught a little bit of the Lumineers before heading to the Artist Area (a perk of our last-minute passes) to chill out for a bit. People watching and music listening can be quite exhausting. Which Tent

Another perk of our passes was being invited to a “Swine and Shine” bluegrass event hosted by Ed Helms. This was probably the highlight of this year’s Bonnaroo experience. The event was quite small and had more of a backyard BBQ vibe then a music festival performance one. I mean, they were passing around Mason jars of Moonshine. For reals Todo, you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Lonesome TrioAfter this fun-filled evening, I was again ready to go to bed. I had an early morning wake-up call to meet my dad for Brunch so I was up and out by 7 AM. A big huge thanks to J for not only setting up camp, but also dissembling it. That’s my kind of camping…

So there’s my Bonnaroo wrap-up. I know there are a ton of artists that everyone’s going to be all “I can’t believe you didn’t see them…” but I had a lackadaisical blast and probably wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Oh but I did manage to catch R. Kelly’s encore on the way back to our tent: ‘I Believe I can Fly’ complete with full gospel choir and hundred of bird-shaped balloons released into the late-night sky. So there was that.

Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your weekend?



8 thoughts on “Bonnaroo 2013

  1. Looks like a good time and the fact that they have a 5k makes it more interesting…this would never happen at Coachella…ever. Those dirty hippies in the morning are highly prevalent as are the walk of shame guys/girls that were all like YOLO 8 hours before. Sir Paul is supposed to be amazing, envious of that and the brief viewing of R Kelly. If I wasn’t the one who always plans, sets up and tears down camp I imagine a music festival would be 20 times more enjoyable. PS- you have J’s full name in here…for the first time ever.

    • Oh shit, well I guess the jig is up. John and Kate forevaaa. (er, or not)

      Well honestly, I never thought they’d do anything like a run at Bonnaroo, but apparently they had something like 1200 kids register so I guess times are a changin. Perhaps you can come next year, you know for training and stuff…

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