Have Shoes Will Travel

I must admit, I’ve been quite the slacker lately. Not just in blogging (sorry for the inconsistency) but in running as well.

My last race was almost 3 weeks ago. I’ve run maybe twice since. Sure there was the Great Toe Debacle of 2013, but I’m 99% healed now, and frankly, I don’t have that as an excuse anymore.

What I do have, however, is an impending full marathon to train for. One in October that, given the steamy June air and the fact that it’s not even technically Summer yet, seems oh so far away. I’ll start soon, I keep telling myself, as I shove another cookie in my mouth, “carbing up” for an early morning run that inevitably never happens.

So it’s time to get my ass in gear. I need to utilize my favorite method of motivation: spending a small fortune signing up for races! Seriously though, you want some motivation to run? Sign up for a race. Not only will it give you a legitimate reason to lace up your sneaks, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll be damned if you lose out on your registration fee.

So upcoming races…let’s see. We all know these upcoming months are not exactly overflowing with half marathons to be had, especially below the Mason Dixon – but, if you haven’t learned anything from this blog, it’s that I enjoy improvising. July marks The Sassy Swan Half Marathon, although I’m thinking of getting even more creative and turning it into a triathlon. Stay tuned.

Race limit is capped at 1 person. Sorry...

There’s a ‘Fireball Classic 5-k‘ here in Knoxville on July 3rd that I think I may give a whirl. It will definitely be a tad different than the distances I’m used to, but I’m going to embrace it. Thoughts on 5-k’s? Worth the registration or skip it and run longer?

Area 13.1 happens to be one of the only half marathons in a four hour radius of Knoxville during the summer months. Plus I really enjoyed last year – I think it’s time for an encore. AlienRun

And finally the Carter Mill 10-k., also here in Knoxville. We skipped out on our annual race in Richmond this year so I figure I’m due. Plus, it will be a lot easier to convince J to get back on the road in this heat if the distances are shorter.

Running J

Thumbs up buttercup!

So that’s whats on the docket so far. Anyone have any additional suggestions? Have shoes, will travel!


6 thoughts on “Have Shoes Will Travel

  1. Suggestion: move out to the Bay Area for your summer training! Avg temps in the mid-70s with little to no humidity — and that’s in the middle of the day. By August, there’s cold fog in the morning and early afternoon. We can train for MCM together! 🙂

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