Training Recap Week #1

I’ve decided to keep you guys up to date with my training progress. I promise to try to not make this an all running all the time kind of blog so have no fear, your recipes, cocktails, travel adventures, and other miscellaneous musings will still be coming your way.

In the meantime though, Saturday marked the end of my first week of training for the Marine Corps Marathon. Per my training calendar, this is what my week should have looked like:

Week 1

And this is what it really actually looked like:

Week 1 Actual

Why yes, I absolutely missed my first two days. I’m just super committed like that. Ugh. But I got back on track starting Tuesday, and made up for my missed long on Saturday. Thankfully, and at the same time unfortunately, the weather in Knoxville for the entire 4th of July weekend was overcast, rainy, and cool. Bad for the lake lover in me who was looking forward to spending time on the water, but wonderful for my running needs.

For Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, I managed to drag myself out of bed at hours I rarely see to get my kicks before the heat rose. Thursday, not so much. J toughed out the three miles with me, and if I told you those three miles were more difficult than the nine miles I did on Saturday, would you even believe me? Well believe it. We headed out around 2 in the afternoon (first mistake). It was very humid but overcast so I didn’t think it would be a big deal (second mistake). Oh, and I may have been slightly hungover from the previous night’s shenanigans (third mistake). We also decided it would be a splendid idea to run hills which made this run four mistakes worth of heat-stroke inducing, stomach sloshing,  painful, chafing, mileage that I wouldn’t wish on any of my least favorite people.

First lesson in training – never underestimate the powers of a high humidity percentage. Also, stop drinking so much.

Week #1 Stats:

Miles: 20

Injuries/Issues: Humidity is my enemy. Also, I need to invest in a stick and stretch more. The back of my right thigh was particularly tender on Friday.

Other notable ramblings: Purchased some sweet Under Armour tanks that I’m a big fan of. No point in looking as crappy as I feel when I’m out there for all to see amiright?

Catch you later guys! Oh, and hint for next week? I’m already off-schedule. Story of my life…


10 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #1

  1. I just finished my first week training too! I didn’t exactly complete the week as planned either… but I made it work.

    Next week I will really be tested when I have a friend visiting for 4 days…

    Good luck with the training.

    • Yeah that’s kind of what I figured – I made it work. Not the best I could have done, but a 20 mile week is nothing to be ashamed of. Let me know how next week goes, it would appear I’m having a real hard time going out for one drink which inevitably turns into 5… whomp whomp

  2. You’re in for a shit ton of lessons but its good that you realized a couple big ones right off the bat…namely humidity and drinking. You can’t really do much about the humidity, just try and beat the sun in the morning before you get the killer combo, which I think you already know…not so bad on a 3-miler but once you get into those high teens, hell. As for drinking, forget about it the night before a long run and savor a couple after you peel yourself off the ground. Good luck this week!

    • Ya know, people told me that my social life would go down the drain once I started this. But did I believe them? No sir. I can go out for just ONE drink I tell myself..ha. Jokes on me. Now I have chafed thighs and an insatiable craving for a Vanilla Porter.

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