Training Recap Week #2

Another glorious Monday is upon us – I hope yours is starting off well. My weekend was pretty busy between an early birthday party and some lake time but I did manage to stick (mostly) to my training plan – a far cry from last week’s fail. Let’s take a lookie:

What I was scheduled to do:

Intentional Wk 2and this is what I actually did: Actual Wk 2

I think the big thing you’ll notice is I didn’t do my long run…but au contraire – I did, in fact, complete my 9 mile run, I just did it last Saturday and swapped days with the 5 mile run that I then moved to Monday.

Milage-wise, I’m on track, I need to focus more on weightlifting and incorporating some cross-training in.

Week #2 Stats:

Miles: 21.4

Injuries/Issues: I did one wight training session this week, focusing mostly on my leggies – squats, wall sits, lunges, etc. I assume you can manage my surprise when I was hardly able to get in and out of my car the next morning. As a runner, I enjoy assuming my legs are just in tip-top shape. Well we all know what happens when you assume… Note to self: more weight training so I don’t feel like I need a rascal scooter to  get around.

Other notable ramblings: You can see by my average paces that my 3 mile runs are proving to be a bit slower than the longer runs. I focus on running hills for those particular runs and I’m  honestly beginning to dread those more than the longer distances. I can push out an hour and half of solid running usually without a problem, but give me an early morning wake up call, nearly suffocating humidity, and a handful of climbs that just won’t quit and those three miles can last a lifetime.

So far this week is looking good, I have a 10-k this Saturday followed by some birthday festivities so we’ll see how Sunday goes…

Have a great day everyone!


2 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #2

  1. Nice week! Very tricky of you to leave out your long run. 😉
    I’ve always heard that hills are speedwork in disguise, so just keep that in mind next time you’re suffering up a hill. It’s probably strength work in disguise too, now that I think about it…

  2. My Tuesday and Thursday shorty’s are slow too because my legs have a difficult time transitioning from sleeping to running in the matter of 15 minutes, especially at 6am. Stupid running. I need to start lifting WIGHT’s too! 😉

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