Carter Mill 10-k Splash

Happy Hump Day! A little race recap to get your Wednesday started right….

Race: Carter Mill 10-k Splash

Where: Knoxville, TN

Date & Time: July 20, 2013

Weather:  Hot and Humid, thankfully there was cloud coverage for the majority of the race.

Race Time: 59:28…yikes. BUT to my credit, this was a shot-gun start and not chip-timed. So I’m hoping I was at least a minute faster as we started in the back of the pack.

Worst Mile: 2. So. Much. Hill. (I’m such a baby…)

Best Mile: 4-6 What goes up, must come down – all downhill from here

Fuel: A few sips of coffee and a ballin’ Italian meal the night before (Happy Birthday to me!)

How did I feel: Hot, dehydrated, tired

Best part of the race (besides the finish): Running with J, My friend Jen, and Amy Birthday Run

Worst part of the race: The unknown hills. That’ll teach me to not scour the elevation map.

Weirdest thing I saw:  Probably myself. I looked like an 80’s ‘tastic roller skater. I actually ran that whole race with those glasses on top of my head rather than on my face like normal folk. I’m just glad I take my running so seriously. Birthday Girl!(This was my first time wearing compression socks as well, more on that in another post)

Final Thoughts: This was a “fun run” for me. A birthday request that my friends join me in a race the morning after my birthday. As it was a 10-k I didn’t put much thought into the run and was using it as part of my training.

Due to my cocky attitude, I did some pretty stupid things the night before in preparation: I didn’t hydrate, with water anyway. That half a bottle of wine however, sure did quench my thirst and nicely complimented my eggplant Parmesan. We then made our way to the movie theatre to watch The Conjuring (you guys know how I love my scary movies). Well it was actually a borderline terrifying film and had a hard time getting a decent rest in before my alarm bleeped me up at 5:30. That, and the Fro-Yo I insisted on scarfing in an attempt to settle my nerves after the movie may have had something to do with it…

Either way, I was sluggish, hot, and ill-prepared for what was to be a fairly hilly course. So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that I got third in my age group. Go me.Times

The race was a little disorganized, I was unable to hear when we were about to start so when the gunshot went off, I damn near shipped my pants. The on-course support was good – water and Gatorade at each, however one major complaint was the Gatorade was so strong – borderline syrupy. Not the best at quenching thirst. The price, however, was right. I think I paid $10 – chump change when it comes to race fees – so at that price there is really no reason not to run this race again. I’ll just try to be better prepared next time.

It should be noted that the race includes “Splash” in its name as it begins and ends at a local community pool. Runners are encouraged to take a dip following the race and I must admit it sounded pretty nice but I had mimosas on the brain and was ready for my post-birthday brunch. Priorities, people, priorities.


8 thoughts on “Carter Mill 10-k Splash

  1. One hilly course is all you need to make sure you never forget to check the course elevation map again! Sounds like you had a solid birthday, congrats. PS – no more YouTube links! I shipped my pants after you opened the YouTube portal.

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