Gifts for the Runner

I sort of would like to apologize for my blog turning in to all running all the time. I say sort of because unfortunately, marathon training consists of all running all the time – at least until I can get myself up to a point where running 20 miles is the norm (does that ever happen?). I’m going to make a significant effort to get more recipes as well as non-running related posts typed out so please bear with me until then.

As you may or may not have known from my extensive birthday hash-tagging via Twitter, Instagram and previous posts, it was my birthday last week. Being a runner during birthday time has its perks both for the gifter and the giftee. There is never a short supply of stuff we runners are needing/coveting which is great for people looking for a last-minute gift and perfect for us because, well we want it.

For examples, let’s take a walk through some of my birthday loot:

The Stick

marathon flat viewjpg small

Ah the stick. I was late to hop on this train but what a better time than now to finally receive one! I use this almost every night and I can honestly say that I’ve been less sore following any particularly grueling/long runs. Sure it’s painful as hell when you’re doing it (even more so when you can con someone else into doing it to you) but it hurts so good!

Breeze By Skirt


I love Lululemon’s running bottoms because they have that sticky stuff that keeps the shorts from riding up that I cannot seem to find on any other brand. This cute little skirt fits a bit higher than my other Lulu stuff which is great for hiding a little post-birthday cake belly pooch. Also, it’s an absolute steal for Lulu prices at $34.00 (on sale so snag it before it’s gone!)

Road ID

Road ID

I’m kind of freaked out that I didn’t have one of these sooner. For as much as I run, almost always by myself I consider myself very lucky that nothing horrible has ever happened to me (unless of course you count the sidewalk tumble in front a slow-moving police officer, but that was more horribly humiliating than simply horrible). But with this little sucker, should someone ever find me lifeless on the side of the road, I can be ID’d. All one has to do is plug the info on my ID  into their website and like magic all of my info comes up! Name, Social, In case of emergency numbers, allergies, insurance info, etc all at the click of a mouse. Brilliant, and slightly comforting knowing that I won’t just be a Jane Doe until I’m fingerprinted.


One of my best friends on the planet, L, was kind enough to send me a month-long subscription to for my birthday and I’m officially hooked. They have classes for all levels and although I love doing yoga, it was nice to start at the very beginning and learn the basics and correct forms of various poses. Also, it such a great method of cross-training especially for runners. The stretching and centering feels heavenly and actually find myself excited to get my short little yoga session in each day.

Namaste and Happy Friday. Any great runner gifts you’ve received?

3 thoughts on “Gifts for the Runner

  1. I haven’t gotten a lot of running gifts because I usually buy everything for myself – I’m too impatient! The one running gift I’ve gotten was a fuel belt, which I don’t love (I have to wear it super high to prevent it from bouncing), but is useful when I need to carry more fluids.

    The stick is great, but my personal favorite massage/torture device is the Trigger Point Grid roller. Hurts so good!

  2. No one buys me shit! Just kidding…my brother (in-law) and sister bought me a nice hydration pack last year but as you know…I can’t get down with running accessories…I traded it in and put it towards some shoes…so in a way, they got me just what I wanted.

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