Training Recap Week #4

Hello hello, and happy Monday! Hope your weekend was filled with all kinds of fun. I feel like I am really starting to get the hang of this training thing and it’s finally becoming a bit easier to get myself out of bed in the morning for my runs. Also, the temperature has dropped the slightest bit and even though it’s negligible I can feel a difference.

This was last week’s plan: Intentional Week 4 1And What was actually done: Actual Week 4

Week #4  Stats:

Miles: 29.3

Injuries/Issues: I’m starting to get very frustrated with my numb foot. After some extensive research and verifying that amputation isn’t necessary, I think I’m going to invest in some thinner socks and some extensive pre-run stretching. If that doesn’t help, off to the podiatrist I go so I can rule out cancer of the foot, which I’m now convinced I have.

Other notable ramblings: My YogaGlo subscription has been a lifesaver when it comes to cross-training and although I’d like to start focusing more on strength training still, I’m pretty happy with last week’s outcome.

Some may hate running in the rain. I am not one of those people. My 11 mile run was almost entirely under a steady drizzle with some heavy downfall mixed in, and I have to say it was amazing. I have become accustomed to running in oppressive heat that to actually go 11 miles in somewhat cool weather felt like heaven. Sure I was soaking wet running in squishy shoes, sure my iPhone has been on the fritz ever since, but I didn’t care. It was blissful and I’d do it again in a second. Running in the rain – that’s where it’s at.

Oh, I also did something I never thought I’d do that day…I ran in just a bra. I mean, I had a skirt on too dirtballs, but no top. Just me, in a bra, pounding the pavement with no shame. How liberating it was – definitely not something I’ll be doing all the time, but on that drizzly day it just worked. And before you judge me, running sans an extra layer, especially one that would have been sopping wet, made all the difference.

Any other bra-runners out there? How about shirtless for all you manly men?


5 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #4

  1. Great week!
    I have only gone shirtless once, and that was in the woods with almost no one around. I’d do it more except I have a bit of a belly/muffin top that I’m not eager to show off. I agree with you though — it’s super liberating!

    • Yeah, any little jiggle is a bit more noticeable with the layers come off. But it was raining so I imagined I looked pretty much like a blonde Phoebe Cates frolicking in the drops – the key to a shameless run.

  2. Nice week and you are definitely settling into the program nicely! I like running in cool drizzle but not so much rain. As for the shirt, its awesome to run shirtless but I just can’t do it in the city, only trails even though I see tons of dudes that should be rocking a shirt doing it, I don’t want to be guilty by association. I say if you got it, flaunt it…but I do not have what I deem a shirtless runner bod just yet.

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