Training Recap Week #5

One very noticeable difference between the North and the South is the start of the school year. Growing up, summers off from school consisted of half of June, all of July and all of August, heading back around Labor Day. So here I am, thinking/feeling I have another whole month of summer where It seems everyone around me is already packing away their summer gear and hunkering down for fall. School starts back this week and I hear the first pre-season football game was on last night.

It makes me rather melancholy that summer is on its way out but I can rejoice in knowing that the summer weather is going nowhere. Yes, it’s still hotter than hell and as humid as a South American rainforest. Which is why my week may look a little wonky to you…

What I was supposed to do: Intentional Week 5

And what I actually did: Actual Week 5

Injuries/Issues: Holy moly, this week was a disaster. I completely psyched myself out in an attempt to run my 12 miles. Which, in the grand scheme of things is utterly ridiculous. I’m pretty much a half marathon champion – 12 miles ain’t no thing! Except it was. Firstly, I woke up late on Sunday. We were to be in Chattanooga by 2 for a surprise engagement party for these goobers so I was running low on time as it was. Due to “sleeping in” the hour of 9, I pretty much set myself up for a sweltering run. I felt intimated, I was hot, and about a half mile in my stupid foot went stupid numb and I knew it just wasn’t going to happen. So I ran and walked 3 miles and called it a day.

I had big plans to run it Monday morning, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I was up until 2 AM, Sunday night so the chances of me rising at 5 to get in the miles before work were slim and none. Actually there was no slim involved – it was none. Tuesday it was! I dragged myself out well before the sun rose and ran my damn 12 miles before work. Not nearly as bad as anticipated, and actually kind of peaceful. Oh, and note to self: don’t listen to Stephen King novels while running in the dark and early hours of the morning.

Other notable ramblings: I signed up for a free Barre 3 class being offered close to my house. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but my pre-barre two glasses of chardonnay suggested otherwise (whoopsie). The teacher was lovely and helpful and I got a pretty decent work-out but the girls seemed kind of snooty and it took some convincing (and a few Nalgene bottles worth of water) to not go all Black Swan on them.

Also, Christmas came early for this girl, because I got new shoes on Saturday – hence the shorter run. I’m pretty excited about them and plan on doing a review after I get a few more miles on ’em. Funny, I thought the excitement I garnered for shoes was limited to the likes of strappy sandals and potential wedding d’orsays.

How was your weekend? Make any big purchases? I also bought golf shoes (golf cleats? Golf spikes? Ugh…) but that’s a story for another post.

Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #5

  1. I feel like you just went through the same thing I did a couple of weeks ago (also week 4 of my training plan – what gives??) where on paper, the workouts didn’t look bad, but you know it was a bit off. Good news is that it’s a new week ad you’ve got shiny new shoes too!

  2. FAIL…BOAT. At least you got your 12-miler in eventually, fall marathon training make for a really difficult mental and social test, I have no advice, you got it and stick with it. Barre class bitchy-ness I can totally see but thankfully being the literal elephant in the room makes it easier for guys…its borderline entertaining for all the prima donnas when I show up. Such a good workout though.

    I don’t listen to book while I run, if I did it most certainly would not be Stephen King…freeeeaAAAakkkk. Shoes, all shoes…allllllll shoes have a way of giving you (and me) that special feeling…except golf shoes…but I am intrigued to see that you have taken up golf!

    • “Taken up golf” is a very loose term…I’ve gone to the driving range twice in the past two weeks, which is more than I’ve been to in my whole life. But I figured if I can’t play for shit (which I can’t) I might as well get a cute pair of shoes!

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