Training Recap Week #6

Nothing is worse than when a weekend flies by and you’re left wondering, rather groggily on Monday morning, where it all went. For me that was last weekend. Due to some rather poor decisions on my part (involving several glasses of wine washed down with a dirty martini) my Friday and part of Saturday was rather dismal. It’s a sad thing, getting older – even sadder when training for the longest run of my life – my tolerance is lower, the hangovers last longer, and you begin to question if every sip of alcohol that makes it to your lips is worth it. Needless to say, I limited my intake at Saturday’s wedding (just enough liquid courage to get on the dance floor) and managed to wake up feeling slightly refreshed after a night in the Doubletree’s Sweet Dreams Bed (BEST NIGHTS SLEEP IN TOWN!)

So here’s what last week should have looked like for me:

Intentional Week 6

And here’s what it actually looked like:

Actual Week 6

Week #6 Stats:

Miles: 26.1

Injuries/Issues: My issue is that I’m starting to get lazy. You’ll notice no yoga, no weights, no cross training. The weather is back at it’s relentless shenanigans and the humidity is borderline heart-breaking. Wednesday’s early evening run left me, I think, the sweatiest I’ve ever been (we’re talking leaky faucet face here, guys) and being the dead of August, I’m praying that this will all be over soon.

I carry around 2 camelbacks now. In my purse, in my car, at my desk; I’m constantly drinking water like it’s nobody’s business and still even one short run leaves parched and salt lined.

Other notable ramblings: On a more positive note, my poor choices on Thursday lead me to become somewhat of a masochist during Saturday’s run. I was tired, dripping from humidity-induced sweat, and wanted to stop for a minute, hell a blissful second and I refused to allow it. I began berating myself: “Oh you think you can go out and drink like a sorority girl and not have to pay for it? You better push out these miles fast, that hangover-induced chicken finger meal (Sonic is my weakness…) isn’t going to sweat itself out” And I’ll be damned that if my last hellish mile was 8:20. I personal victory given my lazy week.


3 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #6

  1. I’d like to tell you that those poor decisions get easier to fend off but alas…they creep up far too often. I am with you though…I punish myself the next day as only we masochists know how. Dirty Martini…ugh…I miss them so. Great week, and keep up the perceived overdosing on water, its good for you.

  2. It’s better to learn these lessons early on, rather than on the 20-mile long run weeks. I LOL’ed at your masochist inner drill sergeant. I think things will take a better turn once the weather cools down.

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