Training Recap Week #7

Last week’s training was not my finest. I came down with a cold, I was run-down, and I couldn’t bring myself to commit to the mileage I intended to do. Take a look at my stats:

Intentional runs:

Intentional Week 7

And actual runs:

Actual Week 7

Bleak yes, but I can’t be all that disappointed given that even though I skipped a run, I managed to clock in at just over 30 miles. Progress is progress.

Week #6 Stats:

Miles: 30.2

Injuries/Issues: I’ve found my major issue is time and motivation. Sunday, I was traveling back from a wedding and by the time I came home, the last thing I wanted to do was spend 2 hours running in the heat of a warm afternoon. I’ll do it Monday. Well Monday morning came and you would be hard to find a motivational bone in my body. I knew I needed to do it, but I was incredibly intimidated and I guess feared some sort of failure. I was crossing over into a threshold my body wasn’t familiar with – IE, anything longer than 13.1 miles. And although the difference was less than a mile, I lacked the drive to even attempt it.

As my tear-stained thoughts began to turn to actually quitting (who does this to themselves willingly?) I did what any normal, emotional girl would do, and had a heart to heart with the guy who knows me best. J was incredibly supportive and encouraged me to get my run in the following morning. He also knew I was being very hard on myself and helped me understand that my weeks will not be perfect, and an extra rest day is OK (which explains my extra rest day this week). Although he’s not running with me, he did make me feel significantly better and the following morning I was up at 5:00 to get in my 14 miles.

And those 14 miles were not good. I was sluggish, and tight, and my route took me up unintentional steady inclines resulting in a set of screaming calves that were fairly useless for two days following. But I did them and they are behind me now.

Other notable ramblings: One of the few things I had going for me this week was a break in the heat and humidity. It was still warm of course, but I never thought I’d be so happy to see low 70’s with only 50% humidity. A literal breath of fresh air that really shined through during my runs later in the week.

I’ve switched over predominately to my Mizunos and although I had slight knee pain after my 14 mile run, it subsided after an hour of ice and things have been good to go ever since. I can feel myself getting stronger both emotionally and with a side of therapy from J, my confidence is back on the up.

I Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a fun week ahead of them – my dreaded golf tournament is Thursday so please, keep me and my incredible lack of skills on the golf course in your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #7

  1. Congrats on overcoming some big psychological and physical hurdles this week! Training for your first marathon is a huge bag of emotions – I remember constantly alternating between being scared, excited, discouraged, happy, doubtful/anxious…etc. You are doing fabulously, and I can tell you that the feeling after you cross that finish mat on Oct. 27th will be one of immense pride and satisfaction (after you get over how your body hurts like you never thought it would). Keep up the good work and good luck at your golf tournament!

  2. Don’t let yourself get too discouraged, you are doing it! Read my marathon training recaps last year if you want to feel a bit better…I was a whiner…hell I kicked and screamed on almost every run but it was just straight fear of the unknown. The truth is that you are new to the entire experience so you are being forced to learn while you are uncomfortable which blows. Tip on route planning…either drive the route you are thinking about or use a mapping program that will tell you elevation. I didn’t do this last year and it sucked. Having a an unexpected elevation climb at the end of a long run is so defeating. Thank god for J…its nice to have a (massage) therapist.

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