Training Recap Week #8

Good morning and a happy Monday to you! Last week was kind of wonky, so my mileage was not as high as I would have liked, but I’m ok with that. Let’s take a look!

Intentional runs:

Intentional Week 8

And actual runs:

Actual Week 8

Week #8 Stats:

Miles: 26.1

Injuries/Issues: If anything, this whole experience has been a lesson in listening carefully to my body. Between the numb feet (only happening occasionally now) and some slight knee pain, I’ve been pretty good.

But on Friday, a very easy slow run of 4 miles was one of the more painful I’ve had. For whatever reason, both my calves and Achilles tendons were extremely tight. So tight in fact that I could only stretch them for about 5 seconds at a time without having to switch legs out of pain. They were tender to the touch and no matter what I did – stop, massage, stretch – they remained that way.

J and I went together on Saturday and due to a knee injury on his end and my still-tender calves on mine, we ended up stopping every mile to stretch and rub. Not exactly ideal but it is what it is.

Other notable ramblings: My long run on Sunday was my best yet. I dropped water bottles and had a route similar to the Sassy Swan Half Marathon in mind. It was not too hot out and relatively flat and I absolutely love running downtown. I also am introducing fuel during my longer runs now. This week’s sugar of choice? Strawberry Clif Shot Bloks. They were ok as far as texture and flavor goes but I stopped to eat them when I got to my water bottle so I don’t know how I’d do while running and chewing them up. But they did their job and helped me power through my last 5 miles.

Also, turns out the promise of brunch – the proverbial light at the end of the long run tunnel – is guaranteed to get me moving and I was happy to meet J downtown for Mimosas, chicken & waffles, and Nutella & banana crepes at Cru Bistro.

As for the latter part of the week, I was out-of-town for work from Tuesday through Thursday and due to some late nights, I was unable to get any running while gone. I made up for it (save for the 7 miler) Friday and Saturday which were listed as rest days.

Taking a closer look at my calendar, I had put in a rest day for Saturday as I was toying with the idea of signing up for a half marathon to supplement training. So the Saturday rest day was actually dependent upon that. Sadly I didn’t end up signing up for anything so the Saturday run wasn’t in vain.

So aside from my calf/Achilles issue in the later part of the week, I’m pretty happy with my results. I’m holding off on my long run for right now, I want to give my legs time to feel better and really focus on stretching.

Anyone have lower leg stretches they swear by? I’d love to know!

6 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #8

  1. First – Clif Bloks are only manageable to eat while running IF you chew with your mouth open. Otherwise, forget it. I can eat them without water just fine, unlike some flavors of Gu. Gu Chomps are smaller than Clif Bloks, so maybe you’ll want to try those next?

    Second – lower calf/achilles stretches. You probably know them already, but basically my 2 favorites are:
    1. Start with a regular calf stretch (one leg straight out behind you with the other leg bent forward), but don’t lean forward as much. Concentrate on bringing your heel down to the ground.
    2. Get on a step or curb with your heels hanging off the step/curb. Drop one heel down and hold as long as you can, using gravity to stretch your calf. Alternate.

    Another thing you might want to think about is using a massage roller or a tennis ball to work out the knots. The more it hurts, the more you need it!

  2. My go to calve stretch post run is to lay down on your back and using a yoga mat strap, raise one leg from your chest straight into the air (90 degrees) with the strap and your arch and your arms holding the ends (your arms should be close to your torso not up towards your foot, that just creates tension everywhere else). I usually count to 30 as I try to lightly pull my legs more towards my head with deep breaths. After 30 seconds I slide the strap up towards the top part of my food and try and point my toss up (in this case I mean towards the ground), it hurts but it stretches the calves and hamstrings at the same time. Repeat on the other leg. Other recommendation…DO YOGA AND GET A MASSAGE!

    Glad the 15 miler was awesome and way to get in what you could with work! As for fuel, were you not using any on your previous runs??? This is a big deal K! If you didn’t already know you should be fueling every 45-60 mins of running, so every 6 miles or so. I take a gel pack every 6-7 miles and my go to is the Jelly Belly Sports beans, I take one every 2 miles or more, easy to chew and handle on the go plus they have electrolytes. I like Clif Blocks a lot but I prefer the Sport Beans.

    • You’re not the first person to recommend a yoga strap. To the yoga store I go!

      As far as fuel, I always carry a gel with me and only ever really took it if I felt I needed it. Mainly I supplement using Gatorade or something like that. Obviously I’m going to need a bit more than that to get me through 26 miles so hence the experimenting. Definitely going to give those beans a whirl and possibly one of those stinger things. Bzzzz

      • That’s a mistake I learned a while ago. Never wait until you need it, by then it will be too late. You have to keep your body in its good zone, if you feel like you need it then its already tapping into reserve energy and its hard to bring it back. Stick to the every 6 miles mark. I’ve read so many articles about fueling, if I find a good one I will send it your way.

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