Tailgate Friday: Pumpkin Beer Muffins

A happy, happy Friday to you! I hope you all have some lovely plans for this weekend. Me? I’m running a half marathon over in Nashville tomorrow morning (my first since June) and then spending the weekend at my parent’s … Continue reading

Autumn Activities

Autumn is officially upon us, and although yesterday’s temperatures were still in the 80’s, I can feel the seasons slowly beginning to change, and the leaves are on the verge of sporting their magical colors. Of course, there’s always the … Continue reading

Tailgate Friday: Chicken Wing Roll

Happy Friday! As you may not know my dear, sweet Volunteers got clobbered last week by a certain #2 ranked team clad in particularly hideous uniforms. But of course one little loss isn’t going to get me down! Far from … Continue reading

Running Safe

I consider myself very lucky to live in a city with an excellent Greenway system. There are over 50 miles of paved trails, many with excellent tree coverage, that wind along waterways, feature drinking fountains and restrooms (a lifesaving entity … Continue reading

Tailgate Friday: Peach Mango Vol-garita

Happy Friday! Like I could get more than two weeks into Tailgate Friday and not introduce a new cocktail. In fact, it’s a wonder I made it this long… As it is still hot hot hot in K-town, an icy … Continue reading

Favorite Podcasts While Running

Due to the increasing amount of hours per week (and sometimes day) that I spend training, I’ve found that my preference for what spits out of my earbuds has shifted. I’ve made it known that although I’m huge on music … Continue reading