Training Recap Week #9

Happy Tuesday guys, I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and enjoyed time with family and friends! I took the day off yesterday because, at the root of it, this blog is a labor (of love!) and it just didn’t seem right. That, and my time management skills were non-existent for the majority of the weekend. I blame it on my effort to squeeze every last drop out of this summer while I still have it. Everyone’s all “Can’t wait for Fall” and I’m just sitting here wondering why the days are getting shorter. Summer Forever!

Anyway, Last week’s training was interesting. You’ll notice I didn’t do my long run and you will also notice that I do not go into some sob story as to why I skipped it. I just did and, you know what? My world didn’t come crashing down. Let’s check it out…

Intentional training:

Intentional Week 9

And actual training:

Actual Week 9

Week #9 Stats:

Miles: 24.1

Injuries/Issues: So I may not have run my long run, but I biked the hell out it. This was the cursed day that I decided to learn how to use clip pedals. So the days following my ride consisted of a very tender shoulder due to the repeated tumbles I took on the pavement. Obviously this was an unrelated injury and did not affect my running in the slightest, but it was an injury nonetheless.

Other notable ramblings: After a talking to a few of my friends who have previously run marathons, I decided to start paying more attention to my body as well as my emotions. A part of me felt like I may have been over-training a bit so I let up this week. No “long” run, instead focusing on some intense stretching and adding in some cross-training. Apparently my body needed this break because I  feel refreshed, and have noticed a more positive outlook for this week.

Back up to long runs this week with a goal of hitting 40 miles. Nothing like a milestone to kick off September!


2 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #9

  1. Way to listen to your body, I hope this week goes awesome. I too am not happy to lose the hours of daylight, I HATE WHEN I GO TO WORK IN THE DARK AND COME IN THE DARK. Trail runs are going to go bye bye during the middle of the week soon and I am not happy. A-hole orbit.

  2. Glad you gave yourself a break from marathon training. It’s definitely better to skip a long run than to overtrain! Hope your 40 mile week is going spectacular!

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