Weekend Adventures

Happy Happy Hump Day! I feel like I am still trying to recover from the long weekend, as evident of my inability to wake up before 7:30. Hello sweltering lunch time runs (my masochistic punishment for sleeping in).

But what a weekend it was and lucky for you, it was well documented.

Thursday I left work and headed to my parents for the evening. Someone was pleased as punch over the car ride.

BellaShe’s such a lady.

I headed back to Knoxville the following day after spending some quality time with my parents and Fred and took J on a date to see ‘You’re Next‘.


I had such high hopes for this movie and it was just bad. There’s a “surprise” (read: predictable) plot twist about half way through and it just goes downhill from there. On a bad scary movie scale, this one rates at a 4 (i.e. wait until NetFlix picks it up.)

The following morning was GAME DAY and we wanted to arrive to the first game of the season in style, so we took a boat. The Vol Navy is a bucket list must. Arriving downtown, tying up with fellow boaters, and basking in the shadow of Neyland Stadium just can’t be beat. Labor Day Weekend 2013

Until, of course, you are in the stadium, surrounded by a sea of orange and cheering until you’re hoarse.

Stadium FUnOh, and in case you don’t follow the Volunteers, we won. 46-0.

Monday, following my long run, I requested to hike where J asked me to marry him. We hadn’t been back since that fateful November day and it will always be a special place to us. Engagement Falls

Hope your weekend festivities were just as fun, anyone attend any football games? See any movies? Sit around and be lazy (no judgement)?



7 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures

  1. Looks like a good way to spend a weekend. That waterfall is amazeballs. I actually went to the movies…it takes an act of god or Woody Allen (aren’t they one in the same?). His new movie, Blue Jasmine is awesome…it is a bit dark but pretty damn good.

  2. I was at the UT game! By the way, the score was 45-0 🙂 Anyway, I ran 5 miles up and down MIddlebrook Pike on Sunday AM and it was a little scary! I had the best intentions of running 3 miles at Cherokee Park Monday AM but ended up heading back to Nashville instead. Enjoyed mimosas on Market Square and brunch and Downtown Grill. Good times 🙂

    • Shame on me for not even knowing my own team’s score! Must have been the mild case of heat stroke I was suffering from – I hope you weren’t sitting in the sunny section like I was! Brunch in Market Square can’t be beat! Where did you go?

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