Training Recap Week #10

Wow. Just typing that I have been training for 10 weeks now is a bit overwhelming. I have only 7 more to go and I can say that I’m definitely looking forward to a break. Although I am excited to reach my goal, I have to question my thought process behind deciding to train during the hottest time of the year as well as half of football season. Let’s just say that this past weekend’s win over Western Kentucky left me slightly hungover “under the weather” on Sunday.

Here’s what I was supposed to run:

Week 10

And here’s what I actually ran:

Week 10 Actual

Week #10 Stats:

Miles: 34.4

Injuries/Issues: The only issue I’ve run into lately is my inability to get up early and get my runs in. You’ll notice I was a huge fan of the four mile runs this week. This was because by the time I was able to get out and run, it was already in the high 80’s and longer runs were useless. It was a quality versus quantity week for me and I focused on speed-work as well as hills.

Other notable ramblings: I actually got confused and only ran 16 rather than 17 as I looked at the wrong day on my calendar. My long run felt really good as I am introducing my body to various fuel options (this week was Gu Chomps – watermelon flavor) and stopping when I need to for water breaks and short stretch sessions. I’m learning quickly that it’s OK for me not to feel guilty if I need to stop for a few minutes, check myself before I wreck myself, and then get back at it.

Also, I signed up for the Charleston Half Marathon in January. You may remember I signed up last year only to bail for a ski trip out West (priorities) and so I’m pretty excited to take another crack at it this year. Plus I’ll be running with my friend Jen (it’ll be her first half!) so I foresee a fun race ahead. Anyone out there running it?? Can I entice you with the shrimp and grits at the finish line? You know me, the promise of good food and/or libations at the finish line and you can usually count me in. I’m such a sucker…

Hope everyone has a lovely Monday!


6 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #10

  1. Yay for Charleston! I ran the full last year. It was an awesome experience. Very few spectators, though, so when I finished, it was very unexciting. BUT, we were there during restaurant week and ate our faces off 🙂 Great job on your training. I ALWAYS stop and stretch or have water whenever I need it. I always thought it made me less of a runner b/c so many of my friends can run 13 miles without EVER stopping. They are also getting injured more and complaining more! And I run b/c I love it, so if I’m not feeling it and need to walk, I do it. Keep up the great work! GO VOLS! 🙂

    • First off, I must say I’m rather disappointed that you didn’t catch my football error – I called it Eastern Kentucky not Western (it has since been changed) UT Football – 2 Kate – 0. Secondly, who cares about football when there’s Charleston Restaurant Week? I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t at least half of the reason I signed up. No judgment please – I love me some FIG. You should definitely do it again this year 🙂

  2. “…check myself before I wreck myself” – love it! There’s absolutely no shame in stopping every so often during a long run, especially your first crack at that distance. Great job getting those runs in with the hot weather! We’re having our usual Sept heat wave here in the Bay Area and it’s brutal. Training for a December marathon last year (CIM) was much easier weather-wise.

    I LOVE Charleston! And running with a friend at her first half? Sounds like a great weekend!!

      • Well, the one upside to this plan is that we get to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving (read: pig out and drink like crazy) without worrying about marathon training!

  3. Im not excited to be done with training but I also won’t be sad to see it go. The weekend mileage is starting to hit ridiculous mode. I have already started thinking about my transition to swimming/cycling after this marathon.

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