Favorite Podcasts While Running

Due to the increasing amount of hours per week (and sometimes day) that I spend training, I’ve found that my preference for what spits out of my earbuds has shifted. I’ve made it known that although I’m huge on music during my actual races, I prefer listening to books during the rest of my runs.

I’m a huge reader. I currently have two books I’m in the middle of on my iPhone, a physical book I read before I go to bed, and one on disc in my car. The problem I’m running into is that I’ve discovered I enjoy the more ‘mindless’ books while running. The ones that don’t have a billion characters whose names I get confused and the ones with deep plots and sub-plots, because I can’t exactly flip back a few pages for a refresher when I’m 8 miles in on a 16 mile run.

This is why I’m in the “middle” of two books. I quit listening to them. I guess my tiny lady brain can’t handle the physical and mental strength it takes to focus on an intense novel and run a long ass way. That, and I think that some books just aren’t meant to be listened to.*

That being said, I’ve changed up what I’m currently listening to, switching between ‘Catching Fire’  – a face-paced, easy read – and the wonderful world of Podcasts! I know, I’m late to hop on that train but I’ve always strictly been a book runner and I’m not exactly on the forefront of technological advances.

Either way, can we talk about how much I love listening to podcast about food? Lobster rolls, sushi, buttermilk pancakes, oatmeal muffins – it was a veritable Golden Coral of mouth-watering treats to focus on as my miles wore on. I’ve never craved sushi so early in the morning before.

I have other, more ‘intellectual’ podcast on my playlist as well (word of the day? Per Contra!) and honestly, they switch up pretty frequently so I never have time to get bored. Here’s a list of what’s currently on my playlist:

Fave Podcasts for Running

The Splendid Table – Food, food, and more food. Stories, recipes, answers to life’s difficult culinary questions. If there was a radio show that talked food for 24 hours, I’d probably never stop listening. In other news, I think I have issues.

Wait wait…don’t tell me! – A quiz show about the week in news. Ranging from political issues to pop culture, and usually featuring a celebrity guest. This show has proven to get a laugh out of me while running – quite the feat.

Ted Talks – ‘Technology, Entertainment, Design’ this show is, at its roots, simply interesting. Give it a whirl.

America’s Test Kitchen – Food, kitchen gadgets, taste-testing, and great stories. Oh, and I also found out what a Banana Bunker was while listening – that in itself was worth the invested time. (Google it. I dare you.)

Pop Culture Happy Hour – Very important issue, directly influencing lives. Or not.

Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day – Take the two minutes and learn something. Then use it in a sentence to impress your friends.

Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner – Hey, if I can spend some time learning something beneficial to my employment and work on my fitness, why the hell not?

That’s all for now. A good, solid, four hours of ever-changing podcasts sure to get you through at least the majority of a marathon without focusing solely on your aching body.

What podcasts do you guys listen to?

*Said books are “The Stand” and “Fall of Giants”


4 thoughts on “Favorite Podcasts While Running

  1. I’ve never thought about food podcasts, so thanks for the recommendations. As for books, I find that while I usually prefer reading fiction, I like to listen to non-fiction… memoirs and autobiographies seem to work especially well for running. I’m listening to How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran right now and it is LOL-worthy.

  2. I have recently developed a distaste for earbuds so I run with my music coming directly from my phone…so books would not work BUT maybe I will give it a whirl based solely on your rec for the Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me…podcast.

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