Tailgate Friday: Peach Mango Vol-garita

Happy Friday! Like I could get more than two weeks into Tailgate Friday and not introduce a new cocktail. In fact, it’s a wonder I made it this long…

As it is still hot hot hot in K-town, an icy (and orange) drink seemed perfectly appropriate to sip while watching my Vols beat Oregon. On the flip side, the tequila, cleverly hidden behind a curtain of fresh mango and sweet peach, will hopefully aid in numbing my pain as I watch Tennessee lose their first game (hey, I’m optimistic not delusional).

In all seriousness though, you will have a difficult time reminding yourself that there is a decent amount of booze in this drink as it tastes like a refreshing smoothie. So sip with caution my friends, or you’ll get clobbered by the evil tequila monster.

Ok, Less life advice, more drinking.

Peach Mango Vol-garita

Peach Mango Volgarita

Difficulty: Easy Peasy

Yields: A blenderful. So either a really big glass for you or enough for four friends, you choose.


  • 1 can of peach flavored daiquiri Mix (I used Bicardi)
  • 1 & 1/2 cup mango chunks (fresh or frozen, but fresh is best!)
  • Tequila of choice
  • Ice
  • Sugar and lime for garnish Ingredients


  1. In a blender, blend the can of daiquiri mix, mango chunks, 1/2-1 cans worth of tequila (depending on how spicy you want it) and two cans of ice until smooth
  2. Rub the rim of a glass with a lime wedge and dip in sugar
  3. Pour the mixture, garnish with a lime or mango slice and sip away! Volgarita

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