Training Recap Week #11

Wahoo! Last week was all kinds of fun! After celebrating, er, too hard while tailgating last weekend, my Sunday Runday was rendered useless. Well actually, I was rendered  useless. The day itself consisted of a lot of hammock swinging, football, and bad food (the best medicine for a hangover if you ask me.

Due to my inability to function on Sunday, I forced myself to get my run in before work on Monday. This required an asinine wake-up time and some serious determination on my part.

So Early

I also decided to sign both J and I up for the Barley’s Cycling Classic. I’ve written about my experience here, and it was the same beautiful course with extra added bonus of some seriously beautiful weather – cool, sunny, and perfectly Autumn-esque. Not wanting to end up in the same situation as last Sunday, I followed up my great ride with one lonely pumpkin beer Lesson learned, you relentless hangover.

Since I had signed up for the bike ride, I knew I needed to get at least a smidgen of practice in before race day. As a result, we went for a short ride early in the week and I cut down my mileage in the days leading up to it. Note to self: don’t attempt to get on a bike following a long run. It doesn’t bode well for you or your legs.

Speaking of runs, here’s what my weekend should have looked like:

Week 11And here’s what it actually did look like:

Week 11 ActualWeek #11 Stats:

Miles: 32.1 (running), 35.64 (cycling)

Injuries/Issues: For some reason, the muscle beneath my calf and above my inner ankle became very tender for so I was careful to stretch and rub it out whenever I got the chance. And other than a mildly sore hiney from extended time in my saddle, everything felt pretty good.

Other notable ramblings: It was nice to get out on the bike for a little bit. With my fancy new shoes, it actually is a lot easier and since J has eased off running for the time being, it was nice to be spending some time with him as well. I haven’t been cross training much (read: at all) and I regret that. I usually am so exhausted or strapped for time from my runs throughout the week that it really takes a back seat. I hope to continue cycling a bit more and possibly introduce something that doesn’t focus solely on my legs – they could use the break.

Fellow runners, what’s your cross-training activity of choice??


6 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #11

  1. I hope you had a great time on the Barley’s ride! I actually saw you out on the course but I didn’t want to look like a dork (or a stalker.) and say, “Hey, aren’t you that one girl from that one thing?” It was a beautiful day to get out and ride!

    • What?? You mean to tell me I have my very first dork/stalker?? You totally should have said something! I probably would have fallen off my bike in surprise that you recognized me and we both would have had a good laugh. It was a beautiful day! When’s your next race?

      • I passed you before the 32-mile turnoff (I even said “good morning” as I passed, then promptly got a flat tire right at the turnoff. I started reading your posts right before the Tour de Rocky Top this year. It was the first time I rode that long of an event and I was hungry to read anything about it. I enjoyed reading it, and then I read more of your posts. I have no idea when the next event is. They are hard to find unless you know exactly where to look. The next one that I know about is not until April. I ride a weekly ride with Fountain City Pedaler every Thursday at 5:30. It’s a nice 25 miles.

  2. Great pace on the 18! Sheesh, we could run together. You’re nuts with the cycling, your week sounds very exhausting. As for cross-training of choice, Yoga. I can’t wait to get back at it this week…stretching and strengthening is where its at!

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