Training Recap Week #12

Happy Monday and Happy Fall!

Following my “single beer” Saturday as well as a blissful break in the summer temps, I allowed myself to sleep in until 9 then head out for Sunday Runday. 22 miles of sunny, cloudless skies. What I made up for in my lack of alcohol consumption, I lost in my ability to adequately SPF myself. I’m now convinced a racer-back tan line will be forever seared into my back.

Aside from my oversite, this week was good running-wise. My first 40-miler! As the temperatures begin to cool down, I’ve begun to enjoy my runs much more (shocking, right?). Running in autumn is one of life’s great joys.

What I was supposed to do:

Week 12

And what I actually did:

Week 12 actual

Week #12 Stats:

Miles: 40.3

Injuries/Issues: Wednesday night I found I had developed some odd pain in my knee and hip. I decided it was best to switch my rest day from Friday to Thursday and TADA I was a-okay by the time I went to run again. Confounding, right? Listening to your body and accommodating it accordingly? Look at me being a responsible runner.

Other notable ramblings: A certain brown dog who will remain nameless, PEED in my running shoe. Of all the lousy places, apparently my Mizuno seemed like the ideal place to take a leak. Can one put their shoes in the washing machine?

Dogs…who needs ’em.



6 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #12

  1. Great week – minus the dog-peeing-in-your-shoe thing. 🙂 I think you can wash running shoes, drying is the part I’m not sure about. There’s probably a youtube video or a Runner’s World forum on this topic!

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