Autumn Activities

Autumn is officially upon us, and although yesterday’s temperatures were still in the 80’s, I can feel the seasons slowly beginning to change, and the leaves are on the verge of sporting their magical colors.

Of course, there’s always the typical Fall activities that one embraces – sipping spiced cider, eating chili and cornbread, pumpkin flavored everything, but this year, I want to put the active back in activities and embrace the outdoors while it’s still warm enough to do so. Also, I can’t think of better cross training than running around like a lunatic in a haunted corn maze…Autumn Activities

Run through a haunted corn maze – for me, this is an autumn rite of passage. J and I go out to this farm, quite literally in the boonies, where they have these crazy haunted corn mazes. I’m always terrified spend the majority of my time hiding in J’s coat and screaming, but I have such a blast!

Go for a bike ride through the county and see the changing leaves – I really want to ride the same route as the Barley’s ride I did last a few weeks ago. It rides right along a river and through some gorgeous countryside of North Knoxville. Changing leaves are one of my favorite things about autumn and what better way to view them then from a bike?

Find a pumpkin patch – Nothing irks me more than getting a crappy old pumpkin from a sad looking stand at the grocery store. Where’s the adventure in that? As I don’t quite know where there is a pumpkin patch in Knoxville this year, I have high hopes to find one, and then spend an obscene amount of time walking around picking out the perfect pumpkins. And anyone whose ever had to un-gut a pumpkin knows just how good of an arm workout that is.

Run a Turkey Trot – I missed out on this last year but I always feel a bit better about gorging myself on Turkey Day if I’ve at least done a smidgen of cardio beforehand.

Rake the leaves and jump in – Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I actually raked leaves. I suppose it was in NY when my parents still had children to delegate the menial jobs to. Now that we are out of the house, it’s leaf blowers that hang in my parents garage in lieu of rakes. Either way, there  will be leaf jumping involved.

Go hiking in the mountains and collect fun leaves for rubbing – Hiking is an obvious, with the mountains within a half hour, it would be a travesty not to go. But collecting leaves brings out my inner child, and turns out putting anything in a nice frame makes it look instantly arty – the perfect autumn decor.

What are some of your favorite fall ACTIVities?


One thought on “Autumn Activities

  1. We don’t have seasons in Southern California…sure leaves fall off the tree but there is no magical transition. Halloween is awesome, I love handing out candy and had planned to decorate the entryway in my building this year but I will be in NYC…so that’s out, thanks running. So that leaves a Turkey trot. Maybe I will go to one of the haunted amusement parks this year to get into the swing of things!

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