Training Recap Week #13

Holy crap this week was a doozy! I managed to get my first (and only) 50 mile training week in AND run my first half marathon since June. The Half Marathon was really great, but more about that next post.

I think there is a reason why many marathon training programs don’t go over a 20 mile long run. It is because the second you step into the 21 mile range, your feet decide they no longer want to move. I was dragging those last two miles and I may or may not have almost broke down in tears. This is a serious mental issue for me now because if I felt like that at 22, how the hell am I going to feel on race day? I can only assume (and pray) that adrenaline will give me a significant push at that point – either way, I’m sure there will be tears involved then as well.

Here’s what I was looking at for the week:

Week 13

And here’s what I actually did: (note my GPS distance listed for my half marathon  pushed this week’s mileage up to 51, so there’s that)

Week 13 actual

Week #13 Stats:

Miles: 51 Miles

Injuries/Issues: I know I shouldn’t be writing about this, but my fellow runners (and probably the only one’s reading these posts) will understand. After my long run Sunday, I found myself having GI issue all week long. Nothing crazy like shipping my pants just, not right. Bloaty, crampy, uncomfortable. It seemed like anytime I ate anything, my stomach just didn’t like it. I started to be very selective in what I ate – pretty much B.R.A.T. food so I felt good for my race on Saturday. Anyone else run into any such issues while training? I think it’s past now, but I would like to avoid the issue coming up again if possible…

Other notable ramblings: I have a 24 miler up next Sunday. I’m debating about pushing myself to see if I can be a little stronger after crossing the 20 mile mark or if I should just do another 20. It’s my last long run until the race (AT THE END OF THE MONTH!!) and I want to be as prepared as possible. What do you guys think?


8 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #13

  1. First: CONGRATS on the 51 mile week!!! That’s a huge accomplishment!

    Second: I’ve never experienced extended GI issues like that after a run. My feeling is that you might have overexerted yourself on your 22-miler, sending your body into freak-out mode. A friend of mine went through a similar bout after a *very intense* half marathon effort, and I’ve heard of such things happening to ultra-marathoners. I don’t know how to deal with this, except maybe go even slower next time, or take walk breaks and make sure you’re fueling/rehydrating enough?

    Third: as for the 24-miler, do what YOU think will bring you the most confidence. I know how it feels to approach your first marathon and wonder how/if your body will handle 26.2 miles. Seeing as you’ve just done a 51 mile week (including a 22-miler AND a freaking half marathon race!), I think you’re more than ready for MCM. Also, regardless of how well and how much you prep, the last 6 miles on race day will be very, very hard. However, if you think 24 miles will give you the psychological boost you need to face the challenge, then go ahead… but I feel like it’s really not going to add much to your physical fitness at this point (and actually might be counterproductive, if it sends you into another sensitive GI phase). You can simulate the 24-mile attempt by either running hard and medium long (~10 miles) on Saturday, then doing 20 on Sunday. Or do 20 on Sunday and run the last 5-10 at marathon goal pace. Or do the Hansen simulator run — 16 miles at marathon goal pace.

    Sorry that I wrote a novel. Hope this helps. Good luck!

    • See this is why I’m so happy we are doing this together (virtually, but together). I’ve never just thought that the last 6 miles will be hard regardless – but you’re right. Even if I went out and ran 25 miles right now, those last 6 are going to suck on race day regardless. As long as I realize that I think I should be ok. I’m leaning toward the 20 and if I feel like garbage (more than usual) I’ll cut it down even more so.

      I guess I’m starting to become jaded, not focusing on the accomplishments I have made and instead focusing on the ones I still need to do. This whole training thing is really starting to screw up my psyche.

      • Dude, you’re doing AWESOME. I didn’t do anything *close* to the amount of mileage you’re doing when I trained for my 1st marathon last year. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself – you’re almost there! Listen to Dominick – book a massage or a treat of some kind, if only to remind yourself that you’ve come a long way. Just completing marathon training is a huge accomplishment in my book.

        Also, I’m glad to be of virtual assistance — seriously, if it wasn’t for the internetz, this whole running thing would be a lot harder and suckier.

  2. Listen to Jen! People always say if you can do 20 you can do 26.2 but they also say that the last 6.2 is the worst. I say just take another stab at 22 and if you are feeling ok then maybe go for 24 if you really think it will make a difference. You have to remember (this is what I read and it better be true) that just because your body reacted one way during your 22 milers doesnt mean that AFTER A TAPER it will react the same. You are going to be recharging your muscles for a couple of weeks leading to the big day, your body will be ready. I say run 22 and then book a massage! YOU’RE ALMOST READY! PS – Try not to shit yourself.

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