Training Recap Week #14

Happy happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a beautiful weekend. Last week’s training was a bit of a cluster…but life happens and it certainly doesn’t stop regardless of how many miles you’re scheduled to run. So running got put on the back burner but coming off of a 52 miles the week before, I was alright with it.

What I was supposed to do (ha):

Week 14And what I actually did:

Week 14 Actual

Week #14 Stats:

Miles: 22.5 Miles

Injuries/Issues: Autumn has yet to really arrive here in Knoxville. I assumed (and you all know what happens when we assume anything) that by this time in my training, I would be enjoying the cooler temperatures of the season change. Obviously last week, every single day was pushing 90 degrees. I was forced to go back to running early in the morning or after the sun went down at night (with the exception of a lunchtime run on Tuesday – a 5-miler that turned into 4 because aside from the heat it was just a bad, bad run). As a lover of summertime, even I have to admit when enough is enough and I am so ready for those Autumn temperatures.

Other notable ramblings: I decided to start bringing the Bella Dog with me on a few of my shorter runs, especially the ones done in the dark. If I ever need some enthusiasm to get my runs in, this dog will give it to me. She gets so damn excited as soon as I grab her leash and although she’s a bit out of shape from a summer spent inside, she makes quite the running buddy.

Anyone else dealing with hot temps still? Over it.


5 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #14

  1. Yep, it’s still pretty warm here in the Bay Area, but not as hot as 90! Geez. The heat is one thing, but all that sweating makes me chafe, which is the WORST. Hoping for cooler temps for both of us soon!

  2. HAHA…stop being such a wuss. It is summer all year round in Southern California. Seriously though, I am almost ready for the heat to disappear. Really, I just want it to be cold(er) this Sunday (low 70’s is great) on my 20+ and then I want to make sure it is cold in NYC (between 20 and 50 would be great) on marathon day (no wind, or rain either) but other than that, 100 degrees sounds AWESOME to me once training is over. Are you already in the taper or do you have another long run? I guess I can read your last post again to find out.

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