Wedding Planning 101

For the past few months, there’s been a lot going on in my life. Some of it’s good, wonderful even, and some, well, not so much. Training has consumed a large chunk of my time (note to anyone wanting to sign up for this craziness: don’t do it during the summer and/or football season. Just don’t.) and in between my runs and all that this training entails, I’m somehow managing to work full-time at one job, part-time at another, and maintain this blog 3 times a week.

So…I’ve got a lot on my plate.

To throw wedding planning into the mix? Well that’s just crazy talk.

What? I’m getting married? Sometimes the fact  escapes even me. Take for instance, when my future brother in-law called me from China (where he’s currently living) to inform me he was coming home in June. Me: “That’s awesome! What’s going on in June?” C: “Um, you’re wedding?” Me: “Oh yeah! Right…” 121201_John%26Kate_087_EDIT-2250359575-O

Truth be told, we’ve got a large chunk taken care of, and since I know some of you may actually want to know and/or care a little bit about  my personal happenings, I figured I share some details…

The Dress: I wrote briefly about my dress experience here, and although I said I would wait until after the wedding to share the details, there’s no better time than the present. (Sorry no pics though, for obvious reason). So I traveled to Charleston, found my dream dress, with its in-my-dreams price tag and decided to take advantage of the fact that our generation can find ANYTHING on the internet. And I found the dress – for a fraction of the retail price (literally, a fraction people) gently used on I was lucky enough to live within a reasonable proximity to the girl looking to sell and after meeting up with her, trying it on, I was sold. I am now the proud owner of a stunning gown, worn only once, and dry-cleaned back to newness. Ladies, unless you are lucky enough to have an unlimited wedding budget or Vera Wang is your mama, buy used and put your money towards other things…like the perfect shoes.

Now on to the most important aspect of a wedding: Our Honeymoon. It’s booked and I am beyond stoked. We (mostly me) wanted France. It was, in fact, non-negotiable. I was never one of those girl who dreamed of my wedding day, I dreamed about the amazing trip post-wedding with the love of my life, and that trip was always to France. So France we are going, but not just any French excursion. J and I will be biking. Spending our days in Provence and Marseilles drinking wine, riding bikes, ending our adventure in Paris for a few days. I figured there is no better way to see a new country than from a bike, plus I’ll feel slightly less guilty about the incredible amount of decadent food I will be shoving into my pie-hole every chance I get.


And food, we can’t forget food. Food was booked months ago. As our venue is a barn, we decided to take the theme and kind of run with it – we are having a Southern BBQ, courtesy of what I consider to be the best BBQ in Knoxville, Dead-End. Pulled pork, sausage, pimento mac and cheese, blue cheese cole slaw and baked beans will make up our menu that I assure you, would please any palate.

Oh and of course the cake…Well cupcakes. We are having not one, not two, but three different varieties (J and I share the inability to make solid decisions on any one thing). Traditional wedding cake, cherry almond, and salted caramel will be on display for those with a sweet tooth. Honestly, it’s worth getting engaged simply for the cake tastings.

Small things that I know most people don’t care about, bridesmaid dresses (sapphire blue)  flowers (baby’s breath and calla lilies), cake topper (swans, of course) and photographer are all taken care of and ready to go. DJ was chosen over a band to save some Benjamins.

So that’s where I am with the wedding planning. Next month J and I will have been engaged for a year (for real, it’s been that long) and I’m a huge advocate of a long engagement. Obviously it gives you more time to plan, but being engaged is actually kind of fun. Everyone wants to throw you a party and there’s usually cake.


So in conclusion, the lesson to take away from all of this is to think twice before deciding to undertake marathon training during an incredibly hot summer/football season/while planning a wedding/any major life events. Chances are it won’t bode well for your blood pressure, central nervous system, or general state of homeostasis.

5 thoughts on “Wedding Planning 101

  1. Well, if you can make it through this portion of your life…I think you’ll be able to tackle anything post wedding and marathon. France on bike sounds awesome, not sure I would go for it but it is great that you two share a common love of cycling and fitness.

    • I should have reiterated…It’s guided (obviously, we’re not stupid and J get’s lost in the closet) and it’s like 20 miles a day. Plus there’s a sag wagon for anyone too hungover tired to ride that day. If J had had his way, we’d be on a beach in Bora Bora. But that’s what marriage is all about – compromising so the wife is happy.

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