Training Recap Week #15

Happy Tuesday – it is Tuesday, right? I honestly don’t even know at this point. As I write this, it’s 3 am and J is being a trooper driving us back from a whirlwind road trip.

Following another death in the family, this time on my side, we found ourselves high tailing it up to New York over the weekend. Running, sadly, got put on the back burner and I’m currently going on day four (five?) of not lacing up my shoes. I did pack them with good intentions but as it happens during these kinds of things, more important stuff just got in the way.

Anyway, these next two weeks look be looking rather sad. I’m just glad I’m tapering at this point – I’ve built a solid base where I feel comfortable and honestly, missing a few runs at this point will not make or break me (at least, I’m hoping).

What I was supposed to do:


What I did:

Week 15Actual

Week #15 Stats:

Miles: 30.4

Injuries/Issues: The only issue I’ve had this week was my lack of time. Sunday ended up being unseasonably warm so I did a short run, Monday my exhaustion caught up with me, Tuesday I had to run after work leaving me only a short amount of daylight. Finally Wednesday I got my act together and ran my long run. After a 5 am wake up call, I ran 20 miles of hills. Yes, hills. It was gloriously cool and I felt great. And given my laziness, I felt a little bit of a need to make up for some slack. I had 24 miles scheduled but I was happy with my 20 and decided to stop there rather than push it. Thursday I took a much deserved rest day, and Friday was when we found out we would be heading up North.

Other notable ramblings: Last week and this week are excellent lessons in learning that you can’t always control what life hands you – no matter what your meticulously planned running calendar says. At this point, I’m just rolling with the punches, and doing what I can when I can do it. Following a great 20 miler, I am feeling very confident in my training and I can only hope that will reflect in my performance in two weeks.


3 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #15

  1. Don’t stress about it – I agree that as long as you have your 20 mile run in, you will do well. My 20 mile run was a disaster (I had to stop at mile 10 for a potty break and stopped so long that my muscles cramped up and I had to finish the next 10 miles on a bike!) and I wasn’t able to run for a week after! My marathon was awesome and I know yours will be, too! Hang in there!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss. Life doesn’t care about your plans, I learned that a long time ago so you just have to do the best with what you have. Nice job on the 20 miler! As Jen and I like to say, HILLS PAY THE BILLS. You’ll notice the returns come race day on what is likely a flat course. I have been cramming in elevation climbs into my long runs and hitting hills on the trails so that when race day comes, I will bitch slap those bridges. You are READY. Taper time. Take it easy, eat right, stretch and nail down your routine. Almost time, so excited for you!

  3. Can I just write, “What Dominick said?” because I was going to say the same exact things… except now, in light of MCM possibly getting cancelled (ARGH), I would also add that maybe it’s time to look into a runner-up marathon so you don’t waste all of your training. :/

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