K & J’s Northern Adventure Part I

Although J & I were up North for a pretty sad reason, I don’t think we could have come at a more lovely time of the year. It hasn’t quite felt like autumn here yet – hell, the leaves are still green – but it was full blown in New York and I was smitten.

Due to the long weekend and the funeral arrangements, we actually found ourselves with enough free time to do some sight-seeing around the area. Well, sightseeing for J, a trip to the old stomping grounds for me. So bear with me while I take you on a little tour of my town.

First stop, a restaurant called the Nic-L-Inn that serves the best (BEST) prime rib of life. They are doing something right at this place otherwise I would find no reason to justify driving out to the middle of nowhere some 30 minutes outside of town (for real, we saw an Amish buggy on the way out). Thick, perfectly cooked to my preferred medium rare, and melt in your mouth, insane flavor. I managed to remember to take a picture after I had eaten half of it in a desperate frenzy.

Prime Rib

That piece of meat is the reason I know I could never be a vegetarian.

Next stop, Southern Tier Brewing Company. Their Warlock is a new selection that is J’s new favorite. And at just about 9% alcohol, it was soon my favorite as well. I may or may not have gone back again the next day for another fix.

Sunday we found ourselves up in Ellicottville, a small ski town about 45 minutes from my hometown. Holiday Valley is where I spent every week during the winter perfecting my sweet ski skills. It happened to be Oktoberfest weekend so there were all kinds of fun stuff going on. I, of course, made a fool out of myself by being so happy for fall weather that I hugged a giant pumpkin: Pumpkin Huggerand then we rode on an open ski life to the top of the mountain where I bought a cup of cider and we checked out the views. Lift

Fall Times


That, right there, is what fall looks like.

After riding back down the mountain, it was time to meet up with my brother for pretty much my favorite place to eat in all of Jamestown – Johnny’s Lunch. This is my Northern version of comfort food. A Texas hot,  cheeseburger, and fries all smothered in Johnny’s special sauce, a cup of rice pudding, and a chocolate milk shake. Absolutely revolting to look at but this meal is a serious contender for my final meal, you know, in case I ever end up on death row. Johnnys

Do you have that place (or places) from your hometown that you just can’t get enough of? for me, it will always be Johnny’s Lunch. Ahh…I can still feel the heartburn.

Part 2 of our Northern Adventure coming up next week!

8 thoughts on “K & J’s Northern Adventure Part I

  1. I think the most amazing part of this post is that the ski slope turns into grass hill for fall…our slopes turn into dirt and rock treachery, not pretty in the slightest. Well, chalk up a W for making the best out of a bad thing. Beautiful and belt busting trip. My go to is not a particular home town establishment…In N Out burger is every in California. I have eaten it about once a week on average since I can remember and it is still my favorite meal.

    • Yeah there’s actually a golf course on them during the summer – crazy right? I still haven’t been far enough West for an In N Out. But someday, some sweet and beautiful day, I will get there.

  2. Beautiful photos! Fall is one of the few times I really, really miss the East Coast.
    As for lunch spots… depends on how you define “hometown.” One of my fondest lunch spots was in a place I didn’t live (but my bf lived there at the time) — it was a great BBQ joint in Morehead City, NC. $2 pulled-pork sandwiches, $3 fried shrimp sandwiches, and the best hush puppies, cole slaw, and sweet tea, of course. Drool.

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