J & K’s Northern Adventure Part II

There’s some big stuff going on in my crazy world right now and I will be sure to tell everyone in a few posts. As a result, my training has been put on the back burner and posting a training summary would be absolutely pointless – mostly because there is little to actually post about. However, this is the big week! Next Sunday I will officially be running my first marathon and the excitement/nerves are starting to kick in. In the mean time, here’s the conclusion of our Great Northern Adventure (Part I here) from last week.

Following a grand stuffing my face of my favorite places, we did what progressively came next – we drank. Southwestern New York has grapes. Grapes

Lots and lots of grapes.

MoreGrapesAnd Welch’s has a plant there to make their grape juice…

Grapevines …and you can smell them in your car as you drive past.Speaking of grape juice, you know what else comes from grape juice?? Wine! There are over 20 some vineyards within miles of each other so we went to what we could handle before noon, and that turned out to be four.

Following our sampling and purchase of a dozen assorted bottles of my personal taste of home, we headed further North. On our way there, we stopped to take a look at J’s first Great Lake – Lake Erie

LakeErieContinuing on our way, J and I stopped for lunch at The Anchor Bar – birthplace of the first Buffalo Chicken Wing. Because…well for obvious reasons. We ordered chicken wings, chicken wing soup, and a Beef on Weck – a Western New York specialty.

AnchorBarAnd then I made J put this on his head because I bought lunch.


Then it was time to cross the border. To Canada we went, in search of two things: Niagara Falls and the Duty Free store. Niagara Falls was obviously the more majestic of the two so here are some pictures:




Many people, or perhaps just J, don’t know that Niagara Falls is actually three separate falls. So there’s your fun fact of the day in case you didn’t know either. However you look at it, it’s a lot of water and a great place to stop if, you know, you ever find yourself in Canada.

Thus, with this, we ended our adventure and headed back South. The product of bittersweet necessity that allowed me to show J more of my hometown and travel into another country.


5 thoughts on “J & K’s Northern Adventure Part II

  1. I like to shop…at the duty free shop…

    Anyway, the training is on the back burner??? This must be some pretty serious stuff here. Thankfully you are in the taper and it’s almost go time! Good luck this weekend and I hope all is well!

    • I’m going to post my runs on Friday and aside from a paltry 5 miles, I took almost an entire week off. I’m trying not to let it screw with my head but it obviously is. Thankfully I had an awesome 8 miler on Sunday so that helped. Fingers crossed!

      • Stick to whatever was on the schedule for this week, don’t try and cram miles. Most likely your body will respond just fine since it had some extra rest. You are going to do awesome! Can’t wait to see pics.

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