Training Recap Week #16 and #17

As one who rarely gets pre-race anxiety until I’m toeing the start line, I’ve found this week to be very humbling. All my inner demons are creeping in accusing me of not training well or hard enough. I’ve put in the time and effort, I know – but could I have done better? Am I prepared to run for a solid 4 hours straight?

Deep down, I think I am. I may crawl across that finish line, but I’m assuming that I’ll get there. Still, it’s taking a lot of effort to calm my nerves and my questioning mind. If I’m honest with myself, I would say my confidence was only shaken after taking almost an entire week off three weeks out. This is also the only time during my training where I skipped any of my scheduled runs. Not detrimental…right? RIGHT?

This was what I was supposed to do…and didn’t:

October 2013

And this is what I actually did:

Week 1617ActualWeek #16 and #17 Stats:

Miles: 22.37

Total Training Miles: 461.11 <–holy shit

Injuries/Issues: No issues, save for my lack of running, and no injuries. Aside from my laughable one mile disaster run, all my other runs have been strong. Yay for consistently cool weather (and about damn time)!

Other notable ramblings: I’m nervous as hell. That is all. Oh, and I signed up for run tracker, so my splits – in theory – should be broadcasted via twitter (@thesassyswan) if you’re interested in my super ultra speedy times.

Catch you at the finish line! MCM 2013 logo


4 thoughts on “Training Recap Week #16 and #17

  1. I can understand the anxiety, but you’re ready! Just don’t go out too fast (remember, bank=bonk). You only get one first marathon so ENJOY. Bonus? Whatever you do, you’re setting a new PR on Sunday!

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