Marathon Playlist

Looking back to almost four weeks ago, I am still a bit wierded out that I ran my entire marathon without listening to any music. I ran several of my training runs without headphones near then end, but as soon as I reached the ten-mile or more mark, the headphones went in and a podcast or book was playing.

I intended to start off  music less. I wanted to embrace the crowds, take in my surroundings, focus on my form & breathing, and really enjoy my experience – as much as you can physically enjoy such a feat. So you can imagine my surprise when not once during my 26 mile adventure, did I grab for my headphones. I made it a point to develop a new playlist for my big run intentionally not listening to certain songs to ensure maximum pump-me-up power. A carefully orchestrated montage of songs that started off slow, transitioned to steady, and finished with the most motivating ‘Eye of the Tiger’esque songs I find.

So even though I didn’t use my epic playlist, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be shared. Everyone loves a good playlist (check out half marathon playlist here) and I consider this one my pièce de résistance.

And before any of you haters snub your noses at the most random assortment of artists you ever did see, keep in mind that variety is the spice of life and at mile 26, the only thing you need is something to keep one foot in front of the other. MarathonPlaylist


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