Looking Ahead

In case you haven’t noticed, or live in a bunker, the holidays are quickly approaching. I’m noticing more and more houses aglow with lights, and emails advertising the assorted retail sales are flooding my inbox. The mall is bedecked, the carols are playing, and I can practically taste the turkey I’m going to inhale come next Thursday.

Thankfully, since I’ve cut back on my running, my appetite significantly decreased. I’m no longer constantly hungry and I’m pretty sure I’ve actually lost a few pounds since the marathon. An excuse to stuff my face more during the holidays? Sure, why not!

I don’t want to lose the endurance I worked so hard for this summer, so I’m starting to sign up for a few races to ensure I at least maintain some sort of stamina. I’ve got an 8 mile Turkey Trot coming up on Thanksgiving, a half marathon in Charleston which I’m super excited about, and most recently, I registered for the Oak Barrel Half Marathon – which as of yesterday morning, sold out. The Oak Barrel Half is run in Lynchburg, TN…you may have heard of it, it’s where this guy comes from:
photo found here

photo found here

Ironically, Lynchburg is a dry county so even if I wanted to take a swig of Jack at the finish line (which I certainly don’t) I could not. But I’ve heard really great things about this race, it’s only an hour away, and I get to conquer “Whiskey Hill”.
I kind of enjoyed running a half marathon a month. It kept me in shape, it gave me a reason to travel, and kept me hungry, literally, yes, but also for the competition. Not necessarily others, but rather with myself. I had a goal to work towards – a time to beat, a second to lose, a hill to climb and it’s with that in mind that I will happily continue to run these races.

As always, check out my race page for upcoming races, and this time I’d love some suggestions. New places, new races, lay ’em on me. I’m ready.


2 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. My appetite has stayed the same…it sucks. Nice little list, the only thing I have on tap right now is a Turkey 5k and then a half in SF in April. Still pondering the LA Marathon but I think my body want to slow down a bit.

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