The Messier the Kitchen the Better the Food

In the years following the start of this blog, I’ve managed to maintain a steady supply of decent, often witty, material. There was hardly a day that went by that an idea for a post didn’t pop into my head. My purse, planner, car, pretty much anything with a stick-able surface was papered with post-its displaying potential post ideas.

Now, I’ve had my share of dead-ends: Ideas I thought would be great, that didn’t turn out as such. But I’ve always managed to maintain a steady stream of posts that, I hope, held a least a bit of your attention.

Unfortunately for me, following a binge cleaning spree and a move that finds my belongings spread over three locations in two different time zones, my once plentiful post-it supply has dwindled down to a single sheet of legal paper that I’m fairly certain is currently in my recycle bin at work.

As I’m taking a break from running for a bit, my go-to topic seems redundant if I’m not striving for another goal and as much as I would love to say that I’ve been losing myself in delicious recipe testing, I haven’t. In fact, my ‘kitchen’ boxes are still packed and when you’re a guest in someone’s home, one doesn’t exactly feel right destroying their kitchen for the sake of a good post.

Thankfully, and appropriately, this Thanksgiving will allow me a break from my steady supply of frozen lean cuisines and with it bring a welcome few days of home cooked goodness. I’ll be heading to my parents house tomorrow, where kitchen ‘destroying’ is not only allowed but encouraged. I’m a firm believer that the messier the kitchen, the better the food –  it takes a lot of work to make something taste like it was made with love.

My posts have been erratic and frankly, rather bad but it’s my blog and I can call myself out if I want to. So please bear with me while I slowly build up my post-it supply, ease back into the running thing, and spend an obscene amount of time in the kitchen making everything that I possibly can.

But in the meantime, please take a look at some of the fun stuff that’s been going on in my life for these past few weeks:

IMG_1010Spending some time with my friends pup, Jackson

IMG_1031Spending some time with my pup while she stays at my parents house for a bit

IMG_1055A delicious slice from Two Boots Pizza – the Kitty Wells: white pizza topped hot chicken, served with a side of pickles. Yes.

TennesseeBrewWorksFollowed by a tasty beer at Nashville’s newest brewery: Tennessee Brew Works

RolloutLeaving notes friendly “you suck at parking” notes on poorly parked vehicles.

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