The Way Bottom

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had the best intentions to run not only a Turkey Trot and to also get in a few more runs during my 5 day weekend. Sadly, by the time my lazy ass got around to registering, I nor my credit card could justify the $50 fee to run 5 miles. Discouraged by my mistake of waiting until the day before race day to sign up (as a runner, I should know better) I placed the act of running on the bottom of my to-do list. The way bottom. Somewhere beneath watching Gone With the Wind and eating lots of pie.

It’s now been two weeks since my last run, and over a month since my marathon. Turns out, taking a break from running is really easy! Getting back into it? Well that appears to be as difficult as the actual training.

Being in a new and much larger city, I’m still in the process of hunting down potential and safe places to run. And honestly, finding a long-term place to live has been higher on my priority list than scoping out the most scenic running routes. I’ll get there…baby steps.

So instead of running, I spent some time with these wild and crazy (and one rather pliable) pups…


baking up a storm with my momma (recipes to come!)…


and doing some Christmas shopping – some for others and some for myself. Who am I to forego the last 40″ TV left on super sale (thanks, Target sales guy, for upselling my $3 trip into significantly more).

What did you spend your Thanksgiving break doing? Hopefully someone got a Turkey Trot in…


6 thoughts on “The Way Bottom

  1. Running and scoping a new place should go hand in hand! Sounds like a lot of change is going on but you’re doing well with it. Next time just poach the course at the trot if you just want to run for fun…that is what I did…I wanted to hang out with my friends and pace them but didn’t want to pay. I know it’s not the best thing to do but I had so much fun and bailed out before crossing the finish line and I didn’t take any of their food or water…so…ok right?

    I can’t bring myself to enter any retail store on Black Friday…too much anger.

  2. A little late on the comments, but obviously I didn’t run a Turkey Trot either, as I was in a country that didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. 😉 I think this is a perfect time to take a break from running – you’ve just finished your first marathon and have a new city to conquer and quality time to spend with your family. I bet you’ll be itching to start running again soon.

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