{8-6-5} Guide to Knoxville, Part I

Last weekend, after the Turkey and stuffing and all the pie, I found myself back in Knoxville tying up some loose ends. With the holidays quickly approaching and a multitude of new-city adjustments to make, there’s no way of telling when I’ll be back in the city I called home for the past 7 years.

Knowing this day, the “last day” would come, I was intent on making the last few weeks count. There are so many things I love about Knoxville – fantastic things to do, eat, and drink so I wanted to dedicate a little part of my blog to all of my favorite things about K-town: 8 of my favorite things to eat (part I), 6 of my favorite places to go (part II), and 5 of my favorite places for a drink (part III). Kind of like Oprah’s favorite things, but better.

And for anyone unfamiliar with the 865 reference – that would Knoxville’s area code which not so coincidentally, also spells *VOL*.

The Sassy Swan’s 8 Favorite Things to Eat in Knoxville

1. The Tempura Roll and Shrimp and Crab Dip at Nama Sushi

Knox Food

I could write songs about this meal. Half price Mondays and Thursdays make it easier on the wallet, but I would happily pay full price for the best sushi roll I’ve ever had.

2. The Elvis Quesadilla from Chez Guerava

Technically, this isn’t on the menu. It comes in burrito form, but they’ll do it in a quesadilla if you ask nicely. It’s big enough to split, especially when enjoyed with a hefty helping of chips and salsa (both traditional and tomatillo) and a margarita on the rocks.

3. Any cake or cupcake from Magpie’s Bakery

Hey there cupcake! You'll do!

I promise you, no matter what flavor you get, it will be the best cupcake you’ve ever had. Mmmmm…butter.

4. The Lobster Crepes from The Orangery

Imagine a tender crepe, stuffed with lobster, served over asparagus, and smothered in a delicious creme sauce that is nothing short of heavenly and that’s what comes on this plate. It’s the most expensive thing on the menu but, oh, it is so worth it.

5. The Roasted Vegetable Tartine from the Northshore Brasserie


During lunch hours, you can enjoy a meal at one of Knoxville’s more upscale restaurants for only $7.50. A scrumptious open-faced sandwich served with delicious pomme frites with a side of aioli (or a salad, if you’re feeling healthy-like). Sit at the bar and chat with the always friendly bartender and embrace the inviting decor.

6. The Paprika Rham Chicken and Beer Cheese Soup from Restaurant Linderhof

Chicken Rahm

I’ve raved about this restaurant here, and it still holds a dear place in my heart. Authentic German food, always delicious, and always an experience.

7. Pollo ala Melanzane from Altruda’s

Layers of breaded chicken, eggplant, ricotta cheese, meat sauce & alfredo sauce baked in a bowl of delicious. Be sure to indulge in 1 or 7 of their completely insane olive oil and garlic soaked rolls.

8. Salty Caramel Ice Cream from the Cruz Dairy Farm

Salty Caramel

I mean really…no words, just scoop.

Honorable Mentions – Nama’s fish tacos, Downtown Grill and Brewery’s Beer Cheese with Pretzels (see my attempt to recreate it here), Savelli’s Eggplant Parmesan, Big Ed’s Pizza, Taste of Tai‘s Pad Tai, Coffee and Chocolate‘s Cannoli, Litton’s Burger, Tupelo Honey Cafe’s Sweet Potato Pancake

Nama Fish Taco


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