Broken Hearts and Fresh Starts

Hello sweet friends. Bet you thought you heard the last of me didn’t you? Well, much like your favorite TV series, I was taking a much-needed hiatus. A break from the self-induced discipline of ensuring a blog post went up three times a week. A break from incessantly photographing every step of every new recipe I created. And yes, even a small break from running.

So in addition to my assumptions from above, I also bet you are wondering what I’ve possibly been up to that would have warranted 6 months of radio (blog?) silence. Or maybe you’re not. Maybe you don’t really care and all you’re looking for is a new cupcake recipe that incorporates the latest “in” liquor (which I’m pretty sure is St. Germaine – but your guess is as good as mine). In which case, You should probably hit the ole’ back button because this post is all about me.

As blog readers, I know I don’t really owe you anything in regards to my personal life. To that end, I feel that as a blog writer, I invite you into my life , giving you a first hand look at all the great and wonderful things going on in it. But as many of us are aware, life is never perfect and to some extent I don’t think it’s all that fair to only write about the good. So in an effort to not leave you in a permanent state of curiosity, I’m going to allow you a glimpse into the very imperfect part of my world.

Without diving too deep into the dirty details, which I know all anyone really wants to know about – so sorry in advance, this is what has been going on in my world:

  • Moved my life to Nashville for a great new job.
  • Went through an excruciating breakup resulting in one broken engagement and two very broken hearts.
  • I registered for and ran exactly one half marathon.
  • I was laid off from aforementioned great new job.
  • Quickly realized that no matter how devastating and exhausting the experiences life throws at you are, you’ll never get through your darkest moments without the help of your friends.

Now before you feel too bad for me, within two weeks of losing my job I was offered a position with a blessedly flexible schedule allowing me some additional free time to focus on potential freelance writing opportunities. However, with the war wounds of the past months still fresh, it has been a constant struggle to justify my self-worth and as a result, taken me months to get the courage to write this post.

That being said, I’ve heard writing your thoughts is cathartic so I reason that the more eyes that see the hardest year of my life splattered on a white backdrop on my little blog, the less weight I’ll carry. I can tell you one thing though, the feeling of my fingers on my keyboard, writing the words to post that will soon be up on my no-longer-defunct-blog, feels pretty damn nice.

It’s good to be back.


16 thoughts on “Broken Hearts and Fresh Starts

  1. You are right…you really don’t owe us that but thank you for sharing and I love your transparency. I know you will get through it all as you are a strong girl!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers friend!!

  2. Aw… sending you a virtual hug through the internet! Sorry to hear about the heartbreak and job craziness. Even though I only know you through this blog, I have a good feeling that you’ll get through this stronger than ever.

    p.s. Writing can definitely be therapeutic. When I was going through some major online dating disasters, writing a blog under a pen name totally helped me get through that period of my life.

  3. Glad to have you back, I missed your snark. As for everything else, we control how we react to life (easier said/thought than done), and friends…man, friends…always thankful for them.

    P.S. – I think you may have just prompted me to post something this week.

    • What?? You’re going to post something? I’ll believe it when I see it. Also, can I convince you to partake in a little Bonnaroo action? It’s coming up… (don’t say no yet, just think about it)

      • ITS IN A WEEK SWAN! First, a little planning and there would’ve been a YES response. Second, I am leaving on a jet plane to Europe on the 14th…but that lineup is INSANE and it actually makes me sad that I couldn’t add a stop there before crossing the pond. Let me know if you want me to suggest some acts to see because there are some amazing ones in there.

  4. Knoxville misses you, but I’m glad you’re back to the blog world. I hope things keep looking up and up and up dear one. I appreciate your perspective and I know there are folks with heartache that can benefit from your truth. All the support and warm wishes in the world coming your way! xoxo

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